Cases Of Brutal Torture Used On Falun Gong Practitioners

Torture of Dafa Practitioner at a Forced Labour Camp
Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Dafa practitioner Pu Jianghong from Xi'an City was illegally detained at the Shaanxi Female Forced Labour Camp. Her relatives have not been allowed to visit her since October 2001. She was beaten because she practiced the Falun Gong exercises, held firm in her faith and launched hunger strikes many times, to protest the persecution. Her situation is very critical.

Deputy director of the labour camp: Zhang Zhuoqing, phone number: 011-86-29-6227741

Address: Shaanxi Female Labour Camp, No.6 North Xuanwu Street, Fangxin Village of Xi'an City, 710012

Criminal Policemen Brutally Torture 70 Year-Old Dafa Practitioner

Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province

When he was bailed out to receive medical treatment, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Shimian told the public about the persecution he had undergone at the labour camp. In the labour camp, abusive policemen forced practitioners to do overload labour, but all practitioners rejected those demands. Then police officers together with criminals tortured practitioners by beating them, exposing them to the burning sun and shocking them with electric batons. Because Mr. Zhang Shimian exposed these crimes, he was taken back to the labour camp and locked up in solitary confinement, with both hands handcuffed onto the wall all day. He was forced to keep that position even during the night when he was sleeping. Later, he was locked up in another small cell. Mr. Zhang Shimian launched a hunger strike to protest the torture. Lawless policemen instigated three criminals to twist his nose, pried his teeth open with a shoe brush to open his mouth to force-feed him, which caused Mr. Zhang Shimian to lose his two front teeth. After the force-feeding, he was not allowed to change his dirty clothes. Mr. Zhang Shimian is a 70 year-old practitioner. It was inhumane for these abusive policemen to torture such an old man in that way.

At the beginning of December 2001, Wu Yanqing, a criminal policeman, ordered Dafa practitioner Mr. Jiang Deting to come to his office. Without having any valid reason, Wu cursed Mr. Jiang and kicked Mr. Jiang's lower back with his knee so the practitioner fell to the floor. To cover the act of beating, Wu instigated criminals to give false testimony. The labour camp leader abetted Wu Yanqing's crime, which made him become even aggravated. After a month, Wu Yanqing beat another practitioner, Xu Zengchen, to the floor. Mr. Yu's front teeth were loose and bleeding. Wu again denied the crime.

[Liaoning Province is in the former Manchuria, the same province where the notorious Masanjia Forced Labour Camp is located].

Dafa Practitioners' Brutal Torture at the Hands of Lawless Policemen

Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province

On one evening of early December 2001, "Falun Dafa is good" resounded from a solitary confinement in Group No. 1 of the Shuanghe Forced Labour Camp in Qiqihar City. Then we heard policewomen yelling. After that the cell had never been quiet. Screaming could be constantly heard. Later it was learned that the screaming practitioner is Kong Xianhua from Suihua City. People in other cells couldn't see how she was tortured, but they could always hear the wretched screams and abnormal noises from her cell. When these noises started, the policewomen always turned up the volume on the radio to prevent other people from hearing the screams. Practitioners in other cells asked the women police officers many times what was going on. The policewomen said, "She has a mental disease." Practitioners said, "If she suffers from a metal disease, why don't you let her go home? Why do you detain her in this labour camp? Her current condition is completely caused by your persecution." These abusive policewomen often severely punished those practitioners who dared to speak out. Now the police enforcers often shout at Kong Xianhua, "Don't scream, otherwise I'll give you another shot." Obviously, they have injected Ms. Kong with some unknown medicine, which made her become worse and worse.

We call on all kind-hearted people to pay attention to the brutal torture against Kong Xianhua at the Shuanghe Forced Labour Camp in Qiqihar City and help to rescue her from this demon's den as soon as possible.

Phone number of Shuanghe Forced Labour Camp: 011-86-452-2451166

Group head: Hong Zhenquan

No.1 Group head: Zhang Zhijie

Brutal Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners

Dongfeng County, Jilin Province

Mr. Zhou Wenjie, a teacher from Dongfeng County's No. 2 Middle School was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labour because he persisted in practicing Falun Gong after July 20th, 1999. Later, his detention term was extended by one year because he remained resolute in his faith. In October 2001, Mr. Zhou openly and dignifiedly walked out of Heizuizi's Forced Labour Camp […]. He went to Beijing to speak some just words for Falun Gong and was arrested in Tiananmen Square. On the ninth day of his hunger strike he was sent to Changchun City. Mr. Zhou continued the hunger strike and didn't reveal his home address. Eventually he was unconditionally released. On December 17, 2001, people from the Dongfeng County Police Department again illegally detained him, when he was playing truth-clarifying videos. During the detention he went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. His life is in extreme danger! On December 24, 2001, persons from the Dongfeng County Police Department illegally sentenced him to three years of forced labour, put him in a car and sent him to the Heizuizi Forced Labour Camp. Because he was extremely weak, the labour camp authorities didn't admit him. He was sent home and the police planned to send him to a forced labour camp later. […]

Ms. Wu Lijuan, a Dafa practitioner from Dongfeng County was tricked to tell her address after being arrested in Tiananmen Square when appealing for Falun Gong. Chen Shuangyou and another policemen from Dongfeng County went to Beijing to escort her back. They wanted to tour Beijing for a few days first so they told Ms. Wu, "You didn't do what you were supposed to do in Beijing. You didn't unfurl the banner (she was pushed down by policemen before she could unfurl the banner in Tiananmen Square). Now you should go to unfurl the banner again." On the second day, Ms. Wu went to Tiananmen Square again, unfurled the banner and was arrested again by policemen. Chen Shuangyou did a lot of shopping for himself and told Ms. Wu, "Your husband and your work unit will have to pay for this." After she was escorted back to Dongfeng County, she was illegally detained and by this time, Ms. Wu is emaciated from the abuse she is suffering in the camp.

During the interrogation, Chen didn't allow Ms. Wu to tell the whole story because he was afraid his bad deeds would be exposed, so he hastily sentenced Ms. Wu to three years of forced labour without a trial.

Ms. Wu has been sentenced to one year of forced labour and subsequently been moved to a mental hospital, for clarifying the truth. Now she is sentenced to three years of forced labour and is detained in Heizuizi's Forced Labour Camp.

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