Sweden: Practitioners Introduce Falun Gong at a Health Fair in the City of Kungalv

From October 28th until November 1st, Public Health Days 2005 took place in the city of Kungalv, Sweden and many activities connected to people’s health were organised. Among other things, a Health Fair was arranged on October 29th and 31st. More than thirty different organisations took part in the Health Fair and Falun Gong was invited as one of the exhibitors.

At first the organisers did not know where to place us, since we were registered late, but in the end we received a very good and prominent location in the middle of the hall.

We prepared an information booth with different Falun Gong materials, posters, books and video tapes. The table was also decorated with paper lotus flowers and a petition in support of Jiayi, a practitioner who risks deportation to China and persecution. Many people signed the petition and we heard comments, such as, "No one should be sent back to such a regime!" Others were surprised when we explained about the ongoing persecution and exclaimed, "Is that persecution still going on?"

Information booth The lotus flowers were much appreciated

Once each day we had the opportunity to perform on a stage in the hall. We used the time to demonstrate the exercises and to teach them to those who were interested. A woman, who gladly tried them, said afterwards, "I recognise these exercises. It feels like I have done them before."

A lot of people were attracted by the beautiful lotus flowers, both children and adults. We explained about their profound traditional symbolic meaning in Asia and about Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful resistance against the cruel persecution. Some people were very surprised when we told them that they could have a flower for free. The flowers were much appreciated.

Practitioners demonstrate the exercises Those who were interested could learn the exercises

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