British MEP Writes to the Chinese Ambassador in London

British MEP Writes to the Chinese Ambassador in London

The following letter of concern was sent by a Member of the European Parliament in the UK to the Chinese ambassador in London:

5th December 2001

I am writing to you out of deep concern over the treatment that one of my constituents, Lilian Staf and the rest of her group received when they were recently arrested in Tiananmen Square for peacefully practising Falun Gong.

I am concerned by reports that Miss Staf was dragged by the hair and thrown into a waiting police vehicle and that her very badly bruised arms required medical attention on her return to the United Kingdom. I am concerned, too, that when she was reviving an Australian woman who lay unconscious on the floor, she was subsequently assaulted and that police officers are alleged to have beaten the prisoners and actively stopped them sleeping whilst they were detained for 21 hours.

I am deeply concerned by reports that one member of the group, a young French lady, was sexually assaulted by five police officers when the group was later moved to the Airport Garden Hotel. I am sure that you will be as concerned as I am over these reports.

I should be very grateful if you would be kind enough to look into these allegations and to reassure me that any violations of the law are being investigated and prevented from happening in the future.

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