The Story of a Falun Gong Practitioner's Husband, a Taxi Driver

We will call him Yang Nan in this article for his protection. Mrs. Yang, a Falun Gong practitioner, was forced to flee from home a few years ago to avoid further persecution. Mr. and Mrs. Yang have two children that attend elementary school. After Mrs. Yang was forced to leave home, Mr. Yang had to provide for and take care of the entire family alone, but he never complained. Despite his situation, the local police have never left him alone and would often go to Mr. Yang's home and harass him.

When Mrs. Yang first fled from home, their two children were too terrified to sleep at home because the police might show up at any time during the night and harass them. Because Mr. Yang was on the night shift, he had no choice but to arrange for the children to sleep at a neighbour's home in order to protect them. However, it was just a short-term solution. After a while, it would be an inconvenience to the neighbour. The children were very considerate and asked to sleep at home. They told their father, "Daddy, just leave us with a box of instant noodles for dinner. We will be fine. Please relax and concentrate on your work. We both go to school and you need money to pay for our tuition. We will take care of ourselves." Afterwards, the two children lived on instant noodles, but after a while they became sick of instant noodles and would rather starve than eat any more. Sometimes Mr. Yang's mobile phone rang around midnight. When he answered the phone, he heard his children's innocent voices on the other side. "Daddy, I am too hungry to sleep." The children's words were heartbreaking. How could he possibly feel like working?

After Mr. Yang got off work and returned home one morning, the dishes were not done and the house was a mess. But he didn't have time to do them because he was in a hurry to prepare breakfast for the children. Just as he finished cooking breakfast, the police came. "Has your wife come home yet?" That was the first thing they asked. When the police saw the simple breakfast, they asked Mr. Yang, "Is that all you have for breakfast? You must have a difficult life." In face of the police's endless harassments, Mr. Yang told them indignantly, "What am I supposed to cook then? You have denied my family a chance for a normal life." The police could not utter a word in reply. They fled in shame.

As a Falun Gong practitioner that tries to be a better person, Mrs. Yang was forced to leave home and separate from her beloved family. Her family has also been suffering because of the persecution. Who has caused these tragedies? It is the fault of Jiang Zemin and his thuggish group.

For the past few years, Mr. Yang has never complained to Mrs. Yang or asked her to give up Falun Gong. In addition, he often tells people the truth about Falun Gong on account of his wife. Although Mr. Yang is not a Falun Gong practitioner, he has been doing a very good job of telling people the truth about Falun Gong because he knows that Falun Gong is righteous. Falun Gong may be suffering injustice now, but sooner or later justice shall prevail. He often tells his customers, "Falun Gong is good. It is all Jiang Zemin's doing. The Self-Immolation at Tiananmen Square was a hoax. If you don't believe me, I will drive you to Tiananmen Square for research and I will pay for the gas and toll." Customers that notice there is a message in support of Falun Gong posted in Mr. Yang's taxi have asked, "Do you practise Falun Gong?" Mr. Yang replies, "I don't, but I am not opposed to Falun Gong. A customer on his way to the airport posted it in my car. Falun Gong does not require any tuition or gift, and it brings me good luck. Who would want to remove something so wonderful? Besides, all my customers that practise Falun Gong are good people."

Once while he was waiting for customers in the taxi lane, another taxi driver came to say hi. Mr. Yang told him, "Yesterday I had a customer who had just returned from an overseas trip. He told me that people in 78 countries worldwide practise Falun Gong."

Because Mr. Yang understands the truth about Falun Gong and has a righteous heart, he was not harmed in several car accidents he was involved in. He has realised that Falun Gong is truly miraculous and he is very grateful to Falun Gong and the founder of the practice, Mr. Li Hongzhi for saving his life.

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