Report in Belgian Newspaper: Chinese Spies in Europe

Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad published a report with the title "Chinese Spies in Europe." The following is an excerpt:

Hao Fengjun and Chen Yonglin dress like Chinese high-ranking officials, a neat black suit, matched with a perfect tie.

Hao and Chen used to work in high-level agencies in China for many years. Hao was once a policeman, and Chen a diplomat. They both had very steady jobs, yet they wanted to flee out of China. "China has already become a Gestapo dictatorship" they said.

As a policeman, Hao Fengjun was once a very harsh person. He had deep understanding of criminals. He used to believe the propaganda by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the orders of his superior completely. When he was sent to monitor a peaceful parade by Falun Gong practitioners, he asked no questions. Falun Gong is Buddhist cultivation, an ancient Chinese method of cultivation. Falun Gong became more and more popular in China and its success made the CCP extremely uncomfortable.

"Falun Gong practitioners held up banners in the street and I found that they were innocent," Hao said. "However, because of this, more than seventy people were arrested and persecuted. At one time, I witnessed a woman over fifty years old taken to the office. She was brutally tormented and beaten by my colleague. Her back was beaten black and blue with his baton. I was petrified because when I talked with that woman, I realised that she was not dangerous at all. I caught a lot of criminals; this woman was not a criminal."

The "610" office.

Chen Yonglin was a First Secretary at the Chinese Embassy in Sydney responsible for political affairs. He had no choice but to collect information on those who practised Falun Gong. "I participated in some of their meetings and I felt it difficult to understand sometimes, because even though they recognised that I was a staff member at the Embassy they were really friendly to me. I found them not dangerous at all. I could not understand how such people could threaten the communist party. I told my superior this kind of situation, yet he did not dare to pass my thoughts to Beijing," Chen said.

When Hao and Chen truly understood how the CCP persecuted dissidents by cruel means, that kind of unhappy feeling makes them feel afraid. The "610" office collected all the information about dissidents. The "610" office was as powerful as Germany's Gestapo; it was directly under the command of the CCP’s top level. It had the power to command other departments at all levels to engage in espionage activities, arrest and persecute dissidents. The leader of the organisation had the power of a minister," Chen said.

Hao once witnessed the process of how the property of a company was confiscated. The reason being because the owner (who lived in Denmark) was a Falun Gong practitioner. "By means of general information gathering, it was very difficult for them to know the situation about this owner. Only a paid agent could collect this kind of information. This incident exactly offered a piece of evidence to prove that China sent out a lot of spies to Europe."

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