Slovak Republic: The Chinese People will be able to Enjoy True Freedom and Human Rights

On October 4th 2005, a seminar entitled ‘The red wall is collapsing' was held in the capital of Slovakia. Speakers included he former Czech Prime Minister, the former Slovakian Minister of Justice Jan Carnogursky, Slovakian MP Frantisek Miklosko, a political specialist from the National Science Institute Norbert Kmet, the vice principal of International Relationship University Dr Peter Osusky, Lord Frances Thurlow from the UK, the German International Human Rights Association Director Mr Manyang and the representative of The Epoch times Mr Ispas.

The first Prime Minister of Czech Slovakia Republic, the former Slovakia Minister of Justice, Jan Carnogursky, used the title ‘Using legal methods to prosecute the Communist Party’s villains’ to expose the crimes which the Communist Party committed in Slovakia against its people. He supported the trend of withdrawals from the Communist Party happening in China at present, and expressed his appreciation of the Nine Commentaries published by The Epoch times.

MP Frantisek Miklosko, who was the spokesman of Slovakia as well as the president of the National Committee, said, “The Chinese people’s peaceful resistance is very important. The seminar we are holding today can put pressure on the Chinese Communist Party. Once the people awaken the dreams that the Communist Party have extinguished, they will take action to fight for their freedom. Of course there will be some difficulties in this period of time. Only by getting rid of the Communist Party’s rule can the Chinese people have a real better life."

The Vice President of the Conservative Party and the Vice Principal of the International Relationship University Dr Peter Osusky told everyone, “I love to collect stamps. I have all previous sessions of Olympics commemorative stamps, but I am not prepared to collect the Beijing Olympics stamps held in 2008 in order to express my sympathy with the Chinese people who can not enjoy democracy and freedom, I condemn the Chinese Communist Party’s autocracy and I support Taiwan.”

The member of the National Science Institute, professor of political science Mr. Norbert Kmet pointed out: "The Communist Party is a threat to all traditional religions."

This seminar was held in conjunction with The Epoch Times and the Slovakian Traditional Research Institute. The president of the Traditional Research Institute Mr. Andrej Dostal said, "I think the content of this seminar is meaningful. The Communist Party ruins human being’s traditional thought and moral standards. This kind of seminar can help people understand the nature of the Communist Party. No matter in which country, they first ruin people’s traditional notions. Our job is to return people the freedom and space to live according to the traditional living habits and values."

The participants concluded that the oriental red wall is collapsing, the Chinese Communist Party is disorganised and that the industrious Chinese people will be able to enjoy true democracy, freedom and human rights.

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