Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Raise Awareness about the Persecution in Nurnberg during the Fields of Shame Exhibition

Falun Gong practitioners were invited to the exhibition Fields of Shame which was held from October 15th to 17th in Nurnberg. They informed visitors about the continuing persecution of practitioners in China. The exhibition displayed pictures about human rights violations in China, Burma, North Korea, Tibet and Cuba and can be viewed in various German cities until December 10th, International Human Rights Day.

A representative of the local newspaper, as well as the Nurnberg mayor attended the opening. One practitioner talked about the persecution of the Jiang family who were deported from Germany to China last March. She handed the mayor a summary of current information about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, who continue to be terrorised under the guise of normality propagated by CCP propaganda. The documents asked the city of Nurnberg to demand that their Chinese sister city Shenzhen insist on an end to the persecution.

Many people stopped in shock in front of the staged torture of being locked in a small cage. They read the explanatory texts about Gao Rongrong, who died earlier this year from torture by shocks from an electric baton. She is one of the more than 2,700 Falun Gong practitioners confirmed tortured to death in China. Almost all visitors went to the information booth to sign a prepared petition. Often they engaged in conversation. It was notable that many talked about the false impression people in Germany have gained of China. The assumption is that much has changed in China and some people even think that China has turned into a democracy. This makes an exposition of the truth about the terrible human rights violations of the Chinese Communist government even more important.

In China, people put their lives in danger if they practise Falun Gong and Chinese citizens abroad have to assume that they are being spied upon. In case of a return to China, every suspected Falun Gong practitioner is subject to severe consequences. One example is the Jiang family: Jiang Renzheng, his wife and two little children were deported from Würzburg to Beijing in March 2005. On April 9th 2005, four weeks after his return to China, Jiang Renzheng was sentenced to three years of forced labour in a Benxi city labour camp without trial because of his Falun Gong practice and the attendant accusation of ‘endangering public security’. His wife had to go into hiding because she also expected to be arrested. Now, the whole family has been torn apart.

The International Society for Human Rights (IGFM) collected signatures to demand the immediate release of the family and their return to Germany, as well as an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. Many people signed the petition in Nurnberg.

The local press reported on the exhibition on October 17th and published a photograph of the staged torture scene.

Conversation with the mayor and a reporter

Reading the newsletter Talking to a practitioner About the murder of Falun Gong practitioner Gao Rongrong

The mayor speaks with a practitioner

Signing the petition

Terrible things are happening in China

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