Slovak Republic: Over Five Hundred People Sign a Petition Against the Persecution

From October 20th to the 22nd, there a series of activities took place in three Slovak cities: Kosice, Presov and Zilina, in order that the Slovak people could learn more about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. During those three short days we could feel the openness of the people and their sympathy for the suffering of others.

In Kosice, a reporter from a local weekly magazine visited us and told us that he would publish a picture of the gathering together with a short article. In Presov more members of the media arrived, including the daily magazine 24 Hours, a reporter from the East Slovak press agency SITA, and also the local TV station, who interviewed a few practitioners. Upon hearing about the persecution, the reporter from the TV was moved and immediately signed our petition against the persecution.

On Saturday, we were welcomed in Zilina by nice weather. Many people stopped by and many of them without further questions approached the petition in order to sign it. Upon being asked whether they knew about what they were signing, they said that they already heard about it from the media and that they are against the persecution in China.

It happened quite often that a queue formed in front of our petition where people could express their support for Falun Dafa. During the three days we gathered approximately six hundred signatures. This petition will join with other petitions we collected previously this year and will be passed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Human Rights, so that during official state visits of Chinese delegations to Slovakia and Slovak delegations to China there should be pressure to bring up the question of human rights.

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