United States: Benefit Performance at Central Park to Call for Rescue of Children Suffering due to the Persecution

On Saturday, October 1st, 2005, Tian Jiao Arts and Culture Centre, a non-profit organisation held a benefit performance in Central Park, New York to call for the rescue of the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China and in particular, the children who have been orphaned during the suppression.

Central Park is a popular place where thousands of people in Manhattan relax on weekends. It was a pleasant day this Saturday with a constant flow of tourists visiting the park. Some came with their families and some came with friends. During the benefit performance, many people received flyers and read them. Some signed the petition to support the opposition of the persecution and the campaign to rescue children who are suffering during the persecution of Falun Gong.

The benefit performance attracts numerous audience. Children's heart-felt wishes

Learning about the facts of Falun Gong, people sign petition to express support

Large posters of a little girl named Fadu with the words "I want my daddy", were hung around the stage. On the poster, little Fadu holds a wreath to commemorate her father death in her hands. Her father was tortured to death in China because he was a practitioner of Falun Gong. Her expression aroused people's sympathy. Tourists were all willing to accept the truth-clarification flyers practitioners handed to them. They attentively read the flyers and they were willing to sign postcards specially designed to raise awareness of the rescue Falun Gong orphans campaign.

Signing postcards to call for the rescue of the Children who are suffering from the persecution of Falun Gong

Clarifying the truth to passers by

Children's heart-felt wishes move people

Together with two young children, Doudou who was rescued from China and able to come to the U.S. to be with her mother went onto the stage and called for help. Because of the help from many kind-hearted people, including U.S. Congressmen, Doudou, who is about 10 years old now was able to leave China. She had been seperated from her mother for three-years.

The benefit performance moves people and tourists stops to watch

A variety of performances are presented

A variety of performances were presented and began with a large dance, "Heavenly Phenomena". The traditional oriental performances attracted a large amount of tourists. Performances also included violin and cello solos, vocal solos, chorus, magic performance and other dances.

Coordinator of the benefit performance Ms. Xu said, "The benefit performance re-enacted the persecution of Falun Gong in China, in which Falun Gong practitioners have been deprived of fundamental human rights and freedom. Through the performance, we call on people from all walks of life to help stop the persecution and in particular, pay attention to those children who lost their parents in the suppression. We appeal for support and help for those children."

The performances moved people's hearts. When the reporter passed by the park entrance, I saw a well-dressed couple sitting on a stool. The lady was carefully reading the flyer calling for the rescue of the Falun Gong orphans.

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