Malta: Report from the Academic Conference on Pre-historical Civilisations

By Falun Dafa practitioners in Malta

An academic conference on pre-historical civilisations was held in Malta from 7th to 9th December. The chairman of the conference, Dr. Anton Mashed, presented a report, “Echoes of the Islands”. He made references to a significant amount of archaeological case studies, as well as the mass relics of ancient civilisations found near Malta in the recent two years. He drew the conclusion that Malta could well be part of the remains of a remote civilisation that once sank to the bottom of the sea.

The existence of pre-historical civilisations is still a new concept to most people around the world, but not to Maltese residents. This island nation is situated right at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and covers an area of 260 square miles. Relics of pre-historical civilisation can be found in many places on the island. The Parthenon-like temples are considered one of the most ancient architectures that still exist on earth. Archaeologists have recently confirmed that these temples were first built at least a thousand years earlier that the Egyptian Pyramids.

Present at the conference were over 300 local scholars. Archaeologists and pre-historical civilisation authors from abroad were also invited. Among them were Mr Hancock, author of “Finger Prints of the Gods”; Robert Bower, author of “Secrets of Mars”; and Mr Giorgion, chief editor of the Italian Archaeologists Magazine. All three gave speeches at the conference.

Mr Hancock also told journalists about his personal stories. He said that he used to be a journalist himself and did not believe in pre-historical civilisations. By chance he became involved in the relics of pre-historical civilisation and he then started to question the rules and principles of modern sciences, such as the theory of evolution. Since then he has been devoted to the research and publication of pre-historical civilisation relics. Mr Hancock said, “I admit that scientists have contributed significantly to human history and civilisation. Everyone has been used to knowing the world and himself in the scientific way since their young age. As a result, we would not believe in the existence of pre-historical civilisation, higher beings and gods. The purpose of my writing the book “Finger Prints of the Gods” was simple: What if indeed all our knowledge so far has been based on incorrect foundations?” Mr. Hancock openly admitted that at the beginning of the book’s publication, the sharpest criticisms were from the archaeologists, biologists as well as scientists in other subjects. But what he felt pleased about was the fact that more and more readers and scientists changed their attitudes toward the book from doubts to close attention and research. The book became one of the world’s best sellers. Mr Hancock also revealed that at the beginning of December he and his colleagues found ancient cultural relics a few hundred sea miles long, at the bottom of the seawater close to India. He would expect the research results to be published in January, which might well shock the world and “rewrite the human civilisation”.

During the questions and answers time, a Falun Dafa practitioner had the chance to give a short speech. Based on Falun Dafa’s principles, the practitioner expressed his understandings about pre-historical civilisation, including the Egyptian Pyramids. The impromptu speech attracted the attention of many other speakers and scholars. Before the practitioner finished his speech, he recommended the books Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong to all present. He said, “I believe that in these books you may find answers to all the questions raised today.”

Before the conference ended, the practitioners met Mr. Hancock in person. Mr. Hancock said openly, “I knew about Falun Gong. When I was in England, I met a few Falun Gong practitioners from Taiwan and our conversations were unforgettable. Since then I have always wanted to do more research into Falun Gong, but have not managed to make a start yet.” The practitioner took out Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong, saying, “Maybe this is the best chance for you to know more about Falun Gong. Regarding your ground-breaking work in pre-historical civilisation research, I would like to give these books to you as a gift.” The scholar was overjoyed and replied, “Thank you, thank you. I am aware that these books are about spiritual practices and I will surely do careful research into them.”

Afterwards, when practitioners were talking to other scholars, Mr. Hancock came over again and said, “I will definitely read the books you gave me carefully.” They then had a short experience sharing about human beings’ moral standards and the rise and fall of pre-historical civilisation. Mr. Hancock expressed his agreement that a civilisation always tended to disappear when people’s moral values degenerated.

When the books “Zhuan Falun” and “Falun Gong” were handed to the chief editor of the Italian Archaeologists Magazine, Mr Giogion and his wife, they both exclaimed joyfully, “Yes, we know about Falun Gong!” They have been practising Yoga for years. “This is great since we had been wanting to read “Zhuan Falun” for a long time.” Mr. Giogion was so eager as to open the book right away, and said excitedly, “This is amazing. Is the Falun rotating?” Mr Giogion himself has been doing archaeological researches on ancient symbols and meanings. When Mrs. Giogion read the reports and saw the pictures of the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, she was moved to tears. She asked several times, “What can we do to help?” When the couple heard that we were collecting signatures, they both said, “Yes, we will put our signatures in!” After the practitioners finished talking to Mr. Giogion, Mrs. Giogion came over to say that she had been organising an international women’s conference, and she had been thinking hard to find a main theme for it. She told us that she felt definite then and she would talk about the persecution experienced by female Falun Gong practitioners. She hoped in doing so she could raise the compassionate awareness of the public. At last she said, “I wonder why whenever Falun Gong is mentioned, I feel some kind of excitement in my heart. Maybe this is a predestined relationship.”

We were not surprised to find that many other speakers at the conference were also interested in spiritual practices. When Mr. Bower, author of “Secrets of Mars”, received the book “Zhuan Falun”, he had a long conversation with Falun Dafa practitioners. He carefully listened to the introduction of Falun Gong and the current situations of brutal persecutions, as well as issues on universal spaces. He said, “I wish I had heard about Falun Gong earlier. I have been aware of the poor human rights record in China, where freedom of beliefs has been suppressed. But I did not know that Falun Gong is a spiritual practice. I assure you that I will read the book carefully.” Mrs Bower had been quietly listening to our conversation all the while. She suddenly said that she would take the Falun Dafa materials to a friend of hers, a well-known lawyer specializing in human rights laws. She would like her friend to help the Falun Gong practitioners to gain more moral support over the world.

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