Press Statement from the Friends of Zhao Ming

Graduate Students Union Trinity College, Dublin 2 /

Campaigning for the release of Trinity College student Zhao Ming from a Chinese labour camp

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FOZM celebrates

"This is indeed a wonderful piece of news", said Jim Dowling, spokesman for the Dublin - based group The Friends of Zhao Ming, when he learned that Trinity College student Zhao Ming would be released from Tuan He Labour Camp near China’s capital Beijing. The Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Tang Jiaxuan told Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Brian Cowen that Zhao Ming would be released in March. "Zhao Ming’s friends in Dublin are cautiously joyous," we will hold off the celebrations until Ming is here to celebrate with us, only then can we relax." added Dowling.

Dowling went on to say that it was the combination of effort that finally brought about the statement from China that Zhao Ming’s release is imminent. "We have so many people to thank for their interest and concern for Ming, including the Irish government, members of the opposition and many MEPs. There are also the human rights groups and of course, the thousands of people who joined in by writing letters, signing petitions and never giving up hope that success would be achieved. The Friends of Zhao Ming is very grateful for their tremendous support", the group’s spokesman concluded.

Contact: Jim Dowling 608 1543 087 838 3888 Jim.dowling@cs.tcd.i.e.

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