Metro [UK newspaper]: A case of Chinese whispers

China-yes, China-has officially launched its biggest English-language human rights website.

This site pledges to present the countries human rights situation ‘comprehensively and objectively’, but anyone hoping for a searching examination of China’s appalling record will be sorely disappointed.

There is virtually no reference to the resolutions at the UN human rights conference rebuking China and articles concerning… Falun Gong all bear [slanderous] headlines….

As for Tibet, the analysis involves an article entitled A Visit to a Tibetan Family, full of insane rubbish about a family who just love the Chinese occupation. There are, naturally, no links to any Western human rights sites, such as Amnesty International. Hardly surprising, considering Amnesty reports that ‘each year, many people are tortured to death in China. Torture is widespread, committed in the full range of state institutions, from police stations to “re-education through labour” camps, as well as in people’s homes, workplaces and in public’.

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