Russia: An Elderly Russian Exclaims "How Similar!"

On August 21st, Falun Gong practitioners from Moscow again went to the city centre, letting people know about the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong, and calling for the citizens of Moscow to pay attention to and help to stop this inhumane persecution.

The venue for our activity was in a square near Clear Water train station. There was a very big garden next to us. It was also the weekend, in addition to the especially fine and clear weather, and there were lots of people coming here for a walk or just a rest. Our “Falun Gong” banner and our big sign calling to “Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong in China” drew a lot of attention. There were always a large number of bystanders before the information posters. After learning about the situation, people who sympathised with the plight of practitioners signed the anti-persecution petitions one by one.

Many parents came to read the posters with their children. Some of these children were babies of a few months, still sitting in pushchairs, while others were children from five upwards. Just by looking at their faces of concentration and expressions of touched hearts is enough to make one sigh with emotion. People all have a side that understands the truth.

Young people with conscience and kindness

Many groups of young people passed by our spot because it was the only way to the public garden. Most people were attracted by this unusual spectacle. Some read the posters in detail, others listened carefully to practitioners’ explanations. After getting to know the truth, crowds of people queued up to sign the petition to oppose the persecution, some people even came back after signing the petition to listen to practitioners explain everything again. Some young people had playful and disrespectful thoughts in mind and only wanted to join in the fun. Nevertheless when they walked into this field, stood before the posters and saw the cruel truth of good people being tortured to death, their attitudes gradually turned more serious. After understanding everything they also came to put their names down on the anti-persecution petition, giving themselves a place on the great scale of good and evil.

“How similar!”

An elderly lady looked at the posters for a very long time. When she was signing the petition at the table, her expression was solemn and dignified and she said to practitioners: “How similar”. One could see that there is a history in the depth of her heart that she does not wish to remember. The Russian people have suffered greatly under the violent dictatorship of the former Soviet Communist Party. Twenty million people were massacred during the seventy years of its reign, not to mention how many people suffered the torments of forced labour, mental hospitals and banishment into exile. The nature of the malevolent Communist Party is just bloodthirsty and wicked, no matter in which country. This elderly lady deeply sympathised with and strongly supported Falun Gong practitioners who are being persecuted. You could say that it was probably a predestined relationship.

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