Photo Report: Female Dafa Practitioner Chi Chunxia’s Critical Condition

Chi Chunxia in critical condition

A healthy person was tortured to such a miserable condition
in just a few days

severely frostbitten feet

Scars on Chi's head after surgery

Chi relying on respiratory equipment to breathe

On the night of January 3, 2002, Meng and Du from Mishan City Political and Security Office in Heilongjiang Province, along with some thugs, rushed into Chi Chunxia and Xue Yanrong's home which is located about 100 metres west of Mishan City Second Middle School. They ransacked this couple's home without any warrant. Unable to find the things they wanted, they forcibly took the couple and their 2-year-old child to the office and interrogated them illegally that same night. During the interrogation, Chi Chunxia was forced to jump out of the fourth floor and fell to a balcony on the second floor. She immediately became unconscious. However, those thugs paid no attention to unconscious Chi and left her on the balcony for a whole night. It was not until the second day's afternoon that they sent Chi to the People's Hospital. However, since the treatment had been delayed for so long, Chi's face, feet and hands were all severely frostbitten, and her cranial blood vessels had ruptured. The doctors had to cut her trachea to supply oxygen to her. The police forced her family members to bear all the medical expenses. Now Chi and Xue's two-year-old has been sent to Xue's brother and sister-in-law to be taken care of. The husband, Xue Yanrong, is still being illegally detained.

At present plainclothes policemen are scattered everywhere in the hospital. No one except Xue's brother, who works in an insurance company, is allowed to see Chi. They try to block the news from leaking to the outside. When Xue's brother and his colleague in the insurance company came to the hospital, a plainclothes policeman immediately seized this colleague's collar and asked what he was here for. Xue's brother said he was from the same insurance company. After searching him for a while and finding nothing suspicious, the policeman allowed him to stay there for a little while.

We say to these evildoers: Stop the crimes and start your life anew.

Mishan City Public Security Bureau Party Secretary Office: 86-467-5222376

Mishan City Public Security Bureau Director Office: 86-467-5223477

Mishan City Public Security Bureau Political and Legal Committee Secretary: 86-467-5235246

Mishan City Anti-Corruption Director: 86-467-5237493

Mishan City Discipline Inspection Secretary: 86-467-5222346

Mishan City Detention Centre: 86-467-5261117

Mishan City Public Security Bureau Political and Security Office: 86-467-5230149

Political and Security Office Director: Meng Qingqi: 86-467-5231270

Political and Security Office Policeman: Du Yongshan: 86-467-5223266


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