The Forced Labour Education Central Hospital is Responsible for the Death of Female Practitioner Wang Kofei

Jilin Province

About 9 AM on December 20, 2001, Wang Kofei, female, a Falun Gong practitioner, who was emaciated and dying as a result of torture at the Heizuizi Women's Labour Camp in Jilin Province, was sent to the Forced Labour Education Central Hospital. While there, in spite of her being unconscious, the hospital prescribed a cardiogram but did not do any cardio-examination. They also gave her 9 bottles of 500-milliliter infusion from 9 AM to 6 PM, an average of 500 milliliters infusion per hour. She was not given any medical examination during the process. After hanging the bottle of infusion, there was no medical person to watch her, only a female criminal inmate who was affected with epilepsy changed the bottle of infusion.

In the morning Wang Kofei uttered "Ah, ah..." and then she couldn't control her urine and bowel movement. During the whole infusion process, both of her hands were cuffed on the two sides of her bed.

Until 6 PM in the evening, the person in the same room with her, could not hear any noise from her, and then finally reported her situation to the guard of the Forced Labour Camp. The guard came and found no reaction in Wang Kofei's eyes, so the guard moved her to the morgue directly without any emergency treatment.


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