Practitioner Steps Forward to Reveal the Brutal Torture in Changchun Forced Labour Camp

[Changchun, Jilin Province]

During July 2000 in Changchun Forced Labour Camp, bureau level officials held a meeting with more than 80 people including disciplinary guards and practitioners. During the meeting, one official displayed some truth revealing articles printed from the Clearwisdom website and claimed that what the articles said about the labour camps, "Torturing Dafa practitioners, seven practitioners crowded into one bed, and disciplinary guards using electric batons to shock practitioners," was not true. I immediately stood up and told this official that what the Clearwisdom website said was true. He told me to come to the front of the room and asked, "How could one bed hold seven people?" I said, "Usually five people sitting in one bed is very crowded. But the guards force two more people to sit in the middle, kick everyone on the bed inwards forcefully, and finally the people are sitting and lying on each other's bodies. The people who were in the middle had deep marks on their lower backs from the forceful pushing. Besides suffering such crowded and painful positions, practitioners were locked in a cell with the door and windows tightly closed. In this torturous way, a small cell held more than 20 people. If a person moves a little to get temporary relief from this painful position, the guards would beat him." The official let me go back to my seat. Two other practitioners, Han Yuzhu and Jiao Shoutong, testified that they were shocked by a guard using electric batons, and that a guard forced Jiao Shoutong to take his clothes off. The tortures the official found so unbelievable were all proved to be true. Not long after the meeting, that guard was fired. Several months ago, this guard was given a harsh sentence for raping a young girl.


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