Spain: People Condemn the CCP for Killing Practitioner Gao Rongrong

On June the 26th, Spanish practitioners gathered at the Chinese Embassy in Spain to protest against the Chinese Communist Party for killing Falun Gong practitioner Gao Rongrong. They also appealed for an immediate end to the persecution and for Gao’s murderers to be severely punished.

After hearing the shocking news of their fellow practitioner Gao Rongrong being tortured to death, Spanish practitioners felt full of grief and indignation in their hearts and held a series of peaceful protests on Sun Gate Square in Madrid city centre, and also at the Chinese Embassy. Practitioners called for public attention to the campaign of genocide against Falun Gong practitioners, which has been going on since 1999.

On the 25th of June, Spanish Falun Gong practitioners went to Sun Gate Square to hold an anti-torture exhibition. After learning that Gao Rongrong was disfigured by seven hours of continuous electric shock torture a year before she was killed, kind-hearted Spanish people felt shock and anger. A crowd of Spanish people and tourists from all over the world lined up to sign their names on a petition to support Falun Gong.

People were shocked after learning about the inhuman persecution in China

People lined up to sign a petition to support Falun Gong

One gentleman was from Eastern Europe and had first-hand experience of persecution and fear under the Communist Party. He shouted loudly to people around him: “The CCP is really mean and barbaric! Be cautious and keep away from the CCP!”

After viewing pictures and watching the anti-torture exhibition, a female attorney was shocked and insisted on holding a banner for practitioners. She said, “In the past I was always busy making money, now I am deeply moved by your efforts to uphold justice. I sincerely want to do something for you.”

Another gentleman said that he had worked in China for three years and that on the surface China seems prosperous, but actually brutal human rights violations are happening behind the scenes. He said he would certainly tell all of his friends and more people what he had seen at the anti-torture exhibition.

Many youngsters watched the re-enactments of torture methods used in attempts to force Falun Gong practitioners in China to renounce their beliefs. They also saw the accompanying posters exposing the persecution in China in more depth. They were pleased to find out that they too can sign the petition and all of them put their names.

A young Chinese gentleman brought his wife to see the pictures and she could not help but cry as she learned about the human rights abuses against Falun Gong. An overseas Chinese who lived in Spain for many years signed his name on the petition and told practitioners, “Your spirit moves me, thanks for all you have done. My friends and I often talk about Falun Gong. We all support you. I hope you can hold more activities like this.”

Sun Gate Square is a famous Spanish tourist attraction and the tourists come from all over the world, including Mainland China. A tour group from China passed by the torture exhibition site and many members of the group took leaflets and video-CDs. The two leaders of the group also watched the anti-torture exhibition. The practitioners are aware that these tour guides are under strict instructions from the CCP to mislead their groups about Falun Gong so practitioners told them about the persecution. The guides did not say a word but moved away from the practitioners. Then they said to their group members who were reading the material: “Don’t read it, it’s false.” However nobody paid attention to their words and continued to read the material they received.

Spanish practitioners held anti-torture exhibitions many times around the country. At the beginning, the Chinese people did not want to watch or did not dare to watch. Later, some Chinese people did watch the exhibition but stood at a distance. Recently, some Chinese people dared to watch the exhibition closely but did not dare to sign their names. Now many Chinese people not only watch the exhibition and view the pictures for a long time but also bravely sign their names on the petition. All of these changes indicate that more and more Chinese people are awakening to the truth!

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