UK: London Councillors' Righteous Words for Falun Gong Practitioners

UK Falun Gong practitioners held a peaceful appeal opposite the Chinese embassy on 16th January 2002 during the visit of the Chinese foreign minister to London. The following is the speech made by Greater London Assembly Member, Mr Brian Coleman, opposite the Chinese embassy in London on this occasion:

I am Brian Coleman, a member of Greater London Assembly. I am happy to speak here today.

Well first of all I think it’s outrageous that the Chinese Foreign Minister on an official visit, dare not to arrive through the front door of the Embassy. I also find it a disgrace that tens of thousands of pounds of London taxpayers’ money has to be spent to fund the Metropolitan Police presence here today, particularly when the Foreign Minister seems either unwilling or unable to face the public here in London.

It amazes me that this government, which makes so much of its support for Human Rights, seems to continue to appease the nasty and vicious regime in China. We all know the persecution that thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are undergoing; we all know the appalling record in Tibet where many thousands have been killed. Quite frankly, I fail to understand how the Foreign Minister of China can be received in this country in such a manner, and given such large police escort into the boot as well.

I hope I do not have to come here many more times to protest outside the Chinese Embassy, before the government recognises that Falun Gong have perfectly legitimate rights to practise what they believe in Mainland China. Too few practitioners enjoy the liberal democracy here in the UK, and are happy and free to practise what they believe.

Thank you for inviting me here today. I would say it’s a pleasure to be here on a cold January afternoon - If it isn’t a pleasure to be here, then I hope at least that the tide of Chinese government opinion will soon turn, and I will not have to come here to stand outside this [..] Embassy any more.

Thank you.

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