A Letter of Appeal For Xiong Wei

A German practitioner’s Letter to the President of the Technical University Berlin concerning the Arrest of Xiong Wei, a former student.

To the President of the Technical University Berlin

Regarding: Former TU Student Xiong Wei

Dear Professor Dr. Xxx;

I heard with great consternation that Mrs. Xiong Wei has been arrested in her hometown of Beijing, simply because she was true to her basic, principled belief system of Falun Gong. Here in Germany she was able to practise her belief system unhindered.

Chinese friends and colleagues, students at the TU, have told me that they will petition you to start an initiative to bring about the release of Xiong Wei. I am likewise turning to you to ask your support for such an initiative.

I first met Wei in 1997 when she helped Berlin people who were in my beginners’ group to learn Falun Gong. Judging by our age differences, she could have been my daughter.

She supported us with a great sense of humour and dignified convictions. We hold fond memories of her. After she returned to China we did not have any contact to avoid endangering her.

It is horrible and completely beyond reason to have to watch why any government could be so unreasonable and prohibit such a wonderful practice as Falun Gong. Even more gruesome is to have to witness the outrageous sufferings the practitioners have to endure, because they are subjected to forced attempts to deny everything in their lives that has brought them and their fellow man only benefits. Can there be anything better than to try with one’s own heart and out of one’s own free will to live by the tenets of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance?” Scores of people around the world and many state entities embrace such principles and recognize Falun Gong as peaceful. Isn’t this precisely what we so urgently need?

I cordially ask you to please find ways and means to bring about the release of Mrs. Xiong Wei. Any initiative would be helpful. Sometimes signals must come from abroad before a people recognize that their government is duping them and lying to them. We have experienced the same horrible realities [of that] here in Germany, how easy it is to go from innocence to guilt. Undoubtedly, many victims and perpetrators would have avoided much trouble if outsiders had had the courage then to tell the truth. Falun Gong is not against the Chinese government, but Falun Gong needs to see an end to the persecution for all practitioners and an end to the defamations. Please, do help.

I am always open to a personal dialogue, should that be helpful.

Sincerely, [signature]

(Original text in German)

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