A Child Who Cannot See His Mum

By practitioner from Hainan province, China

On June 7, 2000, before dawn at 2 in the morning, Section Chief Ma Kai and more than 10 policemen from the public security section of Haikou Municipal Police Station illegally ransacked Fan Qifan's home. Fan is a Falun Gong practitioner working at the Hainan Normal University. Although Fan Qifan resisted them with every effort, in the end she and her nine-year-old son were arrested and sent to the Municipal Police Station. That night, the public security system of Haikou city carried out a large-scale raid on local Falun Dafa practitioners. Many practitioners were arrested, detained and several were sentenced to 3 years at a forced labour camp. Fan Qifan had sent a letter to a human rights organization revealing the fact that four Falun Dafa practitioners from Hainan had been brutally tortured before being sentenced to jail during the Geneva United Nations human rights conference. She was herself sentenced to 3 years at a forced labour camp as a result. She is being held in the Hainan Provincial Female Labour Camp suffering severe and brutal torture.

Her child's father had abandoned them when her son was just a baby, so her son became a helpless orphan after Fan was arrested. The Hainan Provincial Female Labour Camp sent her son to one of the welfare centres in Haikou City. He lived in a soundless world with a group of deaf-mute children and widowed seniors. Her son's childish heart has been ruined. He has become silent, his face looking as grim and stiff as ice and frost. He scans every person around him with chilly looks. The child tried several times to escape but was not successful. Helplessly, he could only stay there for more than two months. When the new semester began, his school, the elementary school at Hainan Normal University, was not willing to take responsibility for him and would not allow him to register. The Hainan Provincial Female Labour Camp thus sent him to a private school. They blocked any information about the child and would not allow any practitioner to visit him.

During an afternoon of the mid-autumn festival in 2000, a practitioner tried very hard and finally discovered the child's whereabouts. She went to the school and asked the teacher how the child was doing. What the teacher said shocked the practitioner. The teacher said: "The child is very weird. He never speaks, nor plays with his classmates. He cannot concentrate in class and his eyes are always blank. No one has picked him up to go home since the semester started, nor did anyone come to visit him". It is so sad that an originally good student of good character, a bright and clever child has turned out this way in such a short period of time!

The practitioner took the child home for the weekend. After a while, the child started to show a willingness to talk. And moreover, when he talked, he kept talking until one o'clock in the morning and was not willing to go to sleep. Seeing him so excited, the practitioner urged him to go to sleep. But the child said: "Aunty, I have not talked for a few months, and now I only talk with you. I don't want to talk with other people, because they are all very bad. I dare not go to sleep, because in my dreams, the police arrest me and throw me on the roadside. So I'm very afraid." Looking at the lovely child who had been tortured so badly, the practitioner called the duty officers of the first squad of the Hainan Provincial Female Labour Camp to earnestly ask permission for the child to spend weekends with her, but the Labour Camp representative was actually surprised and asked in reply, "Who gave you permission to take the child home today?" The next day, when the practitioner took the child back to school, the teacher told her, "Someone from the Provincial Female Labour Camp came here last night to demand that no one be allowed to take the child away"! The child's mom was illegally sentenced to a forced labour camp, but the child is innocent. Why it is not even permitted for some kind-hearted people to take care of the child!

Later, after extensive negotiations, Guo Yegui, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Hainan, adopted the poor child. However, right before China's National Day (Oct. 1), 2001, Guo's whole family was illegally detained because they continued cultivating Falun Dafa. The child once again became an orphan. Now, from Monday to Friday, the child lives at Guo's home, alone. He washes his clothes by himself, cooks his own meals and cleans the apartment. On the weekend, a practitioner takes him to her home and takes care of him. All the child needs is provided by practitioners. The society does not give him any help. Although the child is lonely and feels scared, he is happy that he is not at the orphanage. The Provincial Female Labour Camp has prevented the child from seeing his mom for nearly eight months because his mom has not given up her practice!

A nine-year-old boy needs constant care and constant looking after, but he encounters this horrible, horrible situation simply because his mother is following "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." He even lost his right to see his mother! What will the brutal reality and the evil persecution leave in the heart of this innocent child? What this child has encountered is a small example of the sufferings other Falun Dafa practitioners and their families have endured, persecuted for upholding the truth.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/15/17744.html

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