Town Mayor Joins In Beating A Woman Practitioner Unconscious

Title: Town Mayor Joins In Beating A Woman Practitioner Unconscious

The following example of the persecution of Practitioners in Leshan City is sadly only the tip of the iceberg – there are many more tragic and horrifying tales from this city in Shichuan Province alone, not to mention the rest of China.

Peng Yinlian, is 36 year-olda farmer.. She practices Falun Gong. On the night of July 11, 2001, the town sent out a large number of people to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners including practitioners Peng Yinlian and another practitioner, Xie. There were 20 to 30 people riding more than ten motorcycles. They brutally persecuted 9 Falun Dafa practitioners because they had refused to cooperate with them to have their pictures taken that morning. Around 9 o'clock, led by the town mayor and the village leader, more than ten other people broke into Xie's home, where Peng Yinlian was also staying. The birth control officer, who was also present, first beat Peng Yinlian, then beat Xie. They used their fists and flashlights to punch and slap her face, mouth, arms and body. Her entire body was black and blue. Practitioner Xie endured the pain and pointed out her persecutors crimes to her them. One then used a flashlight to hit her face and mouth with tremendous force; this caused many of her teeth to fall out and covered the floor in blood. She almost lost consciousness, but they were still not satisfied. They stopped for a while, and then started to beat her again. Because she was hurt so badly she lost consciousness for the entire night. During the morning and night of the 12th she lost consciousness twice. Afterwards she often lost consciousness and her condition became more and more serious. The town mayor also participated in the beating of practitioner Xie. Another forcibly restrained Xie while they beat her.

On the 12th, Falun Dafa practitioners sued the county police station. Not only did the authorities not solve the problem, they also let the local police substation detain these practitioners for another day. The town communist party secretary claimed, "We beat you, and you dare to sue us! If you dare to sue again, when we get a hold of you, the first thing we will do is break your legs." He also said all Falun Gong practitioners should be beaten, and that nobody should have to pay for the beatings. The police substation director said, "They didn't beat them enough. They were beaten too lightly. If it were me, I would beat them to death." These vile criminals said all Falun Gong practitioners should be shot after being beaten.

Posting date: 1/14/2002

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