Germany: Making Use of All Opportunities to Clarify the Truth

Once I went for lunch with my children to a Chinese restaurant. Before we went there I had already told my oldest daughter that, “This is a great opportunity to clarify the truth about the persecution to the Chinese there and to hand out newspapers.” We entered and ordered the food. I did not have the courage to approach anyone and kept waiting for a suitable moment. But the longer I waited, the slimmer the chances became. When I was already paying the bill it dawned on me that this is my last opportunity to talk about Falun Gong. If I don’t do it now, even my children would notice my dishonesty. They might think: is it something bad to speak of Falun Dafa? I therefore handed the young Chinese man a newspaper. He accepted and it and said, “Ah, Falun Dafa.” He read a little. Then he said, “It is something similar to Kung Fu, martial arts.” I still felt odd. I responded that Falun Dafa is something very peaceful and then let him know that it is persecuted in China. He read on. I tried to push aside my negative thoughts and feelings. My children sat quietly at the table and watched him read. Slowly his facial expression changed. Quietly he said, “I did not know this.” Then he continued to read. Once again he told me that he had no idea about all this and genuinely thanked me for the newspaper. And, he promised to show it to his colleagues.

German practitioner

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