Statement by the Head Secretary of the Alliance of Chinese Democratic Parties on Singapore's Detention of Falun Dafa Practitioners

We learnt the shocking news that the Singapore government unreasonably detained Falun Dafa practitioners based on arbitrary laws and against its conscience, in order to please the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We hereby make the following declarations:

1. Sixteen years ago, after the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre, Singapore Prime minister Lee Kuan Yew praised Deng Xiaoping after the killing of students and civilians in Beijing. Today, Singapore turns out to be the only country on earth, besides China, which detains Falun Dafa practitioners. It can be seen from these two incidents that the Singapore government is the ally of the ruthless CCP regime, a public enemy of the Chinese people, and it is against the battle of democracy and human rights in China.

Singapore claims to be established on a democratic legal system, but in reality it carries out a ruthless policy. This not only ruins Singapore's reputation, but also betrays the cause of democracy and human rights.

2. The CCP has committed multiple counts of anti-humanity crimes in its ruthless persecution of Falun Gong. The Singapore government's detention of Falun Dafa practitioners is an extension of the CCP's ruthless persecution of Falun Gong overseas. There is no doubt that the persecution of Falun Gong is the most severe disaster of human rights in today's world. The Singapore government has become an accomplice in the CCP's persecution.

3. The collapse of the ruthless CCP dictatorship and the democratisation of China is a historical trend that no one can stop. On the day when our mighty China steps into a democratic society, the Chinese people will bring all of the murderers who have committed genocide to justice, based on righteous laws. At that time, Lee Kuan Yew who praised the June 4th Massacre, and the Singapore judges who ordered the detention of Falun Dafa practitioners, will be put on trial as co-conspirators together with the ruthless CCP dictators.

4. We hereby issue a warning to the Singapore government: Release Falun Dafa practitioners immediately and unconditionally, apologise to them, compensate for their mental and physical losses, and guarantee that this will not occur again.

The days of the ruthless CCP dictators are numbered. At this moment, mortgaging the future of Singapore to the CCP dictatorship in return for petty economic benefit is truly unwise and extremely foolish.

History is always fair. Whoever helped the evil must meet with their retribution; whoever has corrected his mistakes, the Chinese people will forgive. Think it over, Singapore government. Do not ruin your future at this crossroads of history.

Head Secretary of the Alliance of Chinese Democratic Parties: Yuan Hongbing (Signature)

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