Teacher Guides me In Every Step of my Cultivation

I started practising Falun Dafa in December of 1997. In December of the year 2000, a fellow practitioner and I went to Beijing to appeal for justice to be returned to Falun Gong. We departed the bus when we arrived at a county near Beijing. The practitioner whom I was with took me to someone's home, which wasn't very big but was crammed with more than twenty people. They were all practitioners from different places. Among them were elderly people, a young mother with her baby, and a pregnant woman. We all sat together to share experiences. I was awed by the strong field of righteous thoughts.

One practitioner and I decided we would display a banner together. We took a bus and arrived at Tiananmen Square at about 9 a.m. There were more than 20 foreign visitors in front of us. We chose a place and quickly took out a banner that read, "Falun Dafa is Good" and spread it out. Then, we passed out pamphlets to the people around us and shouted "Falun Dafa is good!' and "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa." We went around the Square to let more people hear us and see the "Falun Dafa is Good" banner.

Usually, I am quite introverted and never speak with a loud voice. It was Falun Dafa that gave me the strength to shout with such hope from my heart. At that moment, simultaneous shouting of "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa," and "Give us back our Teacher's good name!" could be heard from every corner of the square. Each banner spelt out "Falun Dafa is Good" in bright yellow letters on red cloth. People stood and watched the contest between righteousness and evil unfold.

Soon, the Square was thrown into chaos, with police vehicles driving around and police officers jumping out of the vehicles with their electric batons and rubber clubs. Without saying a word, they started snatching away banners and hitting practitioners. The Falun Dafa practitioners attempted to protect the banners and clarify the truth in a peaceful and calm manner. Meanwhile, the police hit them and dragged them to the police vehicles. The practitioners didn't strike back, and everyone witnessed the police brutality.

I was taken to the basement of a Public Security Bureau office. A dozen practitioners were already detained there and more Dafa practitioners were continuously brought in. To validate the Fa, we hung the banners, which we had protected with our lives, on the wall and on the iron railing. We then shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" and "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!" simultaneously. We also recited Teacher's articles and lectures together. Although we were being imprisoned in the evil's den, we weren't afraid. Instead, we shared our experiences, opened our hearts, said what we wanted to say, and with steadfast righteous thoughts encouraged each other. There were about 200 Falun Dafa practitioners being detained there. At night, the police interrogated practitioners and asked for their names and where they were from. After consulting with each other, we decided not to tell the police officers anything other than "Falun Dafa is good" and that we were there to appeal for Falun Dafa.

Shortly after ten that night, after I was interrogated, two people took me away. I didn't have any idea where we were going and I recited the Falun Gong teachings continuously. After getting out of the car, I was taken to the main hall of a local public security office in Beijing. I was locked to a chair and left alone. Four to five practitioners were there because they had told the police where they were from. I hadn't any idea why I was taken there, since I hadn't told them anything. I reminded myself not to eat or drink or tell the police my name or address.

The following morning, a person of about 60 years old brought breakfast to me and told me to eat. I said to him: "Thank you but I am not hungry." The man said a few words and left. He gave an order to take me upstairs. I was handcuffed to a heating pipe next to a bed, but I was still able to rest on the bed. At 11 p.m., that same person came into the room and said to me: "I am really sorry. I have been busy all day and forgot that you were here. You must be hungry since you haven't eaten anything. Come with me and wash your hands. I'll send for some food." While he was talking, he unlocked the handcuffs and led me to his office. He let me sit on a sofa. He brought me hot tea and said: "I will let you go home. Can you tell me your name and address?" Even seeing his amiable manner, I still wouldn't reveal my name or address. He knew what I was thinking and said: "I have read all the Falun Dafa books and I know all about Falun Dafa. I have released four people already." I explained to him: "I came to Beijing to appeal and to tell people that Falun Dafa is good. I don't want to implicate the local government or bring trouble to others. I don't want to create trouble for you either. I'm sorry but I can't give you my information." He gave me his cell phone number and told me that next time I came to Beijing, I could tell others that I was from his area, or call him and he would help me. I thanked him for his kindness.

It was after midnight, and the man said to me: "Although I have decided to release you, you'll sleep here tonight and leave tomorrow. It isn't convenient for a woman to travel at night. I'll come for you tomorrow morning and send you home." While he was talking, he looked for some money and asked me whether I had any money with me. I told him immediately that I had money, but he insisted on giving me money to buy a bus ticket. I thanked him again. He then brought me back to the room I had been held in earlier, but didn't handcuff me this time. While looking at the window, he said to me: "Have a good rest, and don't do anything foolish. I won't handcuff you." Knowing what he was thinking, I said to him: "Falun Gong teaches me to be a good person. Whether you release me or not, I won't cause any trouble for you, not to mention jumping out of the window (we were on the fifth floor)." He nodded, closed the door behind him and left.

Before daybreak, the man took me to a bus terminal and pointed to the bus I should board. He told me where to get off and to take the number twenty bus to the train station. I again thanked him and boarded the bus.

The man waved goodbye as the bus started moving. I couldn't help shedding tears and waved back at him. As the bus drove some distance from the terminal, I could still see him standing there.

The trip to Beijing was arranged by our benevolent Teacher to let me meet so many fellow practitioners and even a kind-hearted person in that evil environment. Teacher led me each step of the way. Teacher has taken care of every improvement in my cultivation. I have personally experienced Teacher's benevolent care and witnessed the unforgettable historical scene in Tiananmen Square. It was a grand display of Falun Dafa's dignity and sacredness.

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