Police Torture Female Dafa Practitioner in Attempt to Coerce a Confession

Zhang Jiwang was arrested in Yanjin City of Jilin Province in mid November of 2001. The local policemen took her to the Beishan Police Station. Without asking any questions, the police first beat and kicked her, and then bounded her to a chair. Two policemen slapped her face dozens of times till she was dizzy, then grinned and placed a lit cigarette under her nose to force her to inhale the smoke. One of them said, "You Dafa practitioners do not smoke, right? I am going to have you smoke plenty today." Zhang was tortured for 2 hours in an attempt to get her confession and then forced to remain on the cold stone floor the entire night.

The next day, the police sent her to Yanjin City's Police Department. There she was beaten again and sent back to Changchun City at night. After she arrived at the city's criminal police unit, despite her weak condition, she was beaten and kicked again by the policemen. They yelled at her, "People like you are the ones we want to beat!"

On the following day, the policemen blindfolded and manhandled her into a police car. She asked the policemen, "What are you trying to do? Where are we going?" The vicious policemen said, "None of your business. We just want to do a better job of torturing you." After more than an hour's drive she was taken to a building. After entering a room on the fourth floor, they removed her blindfold. She saw that curtains covered all the windows, and the room was very dark. A high-backed iron chair was set in the centre of the room, and its seat was made of several metal strands. She realized that this was the notorious room for torturing practitioners and the iron chair was the so-called tiger bench. (A torture device, for details see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html) She was put on the tiger bench with two feet bound by iron chains, her waist locked by a metal bar, and her hands cuffed behind her back. The vicious policemen took turns slapping her face. One policeman grabbed her hair to shake her head around, which caused her to vomit. They then started to use electric batons to shock her face, mouth and the base of the ears, her lower jaw and also lifted her shirt to shock her chest. While shocking her, they poured water on her to increase the strength of the shocks, beat her legs with an iron rod, and hit her joints with a hammer. When she lost consciousness, they would stab her with a needle to wake her up or use another torture instrument to clamp her fingers. During the whole torture process, Teacher Li’s(founder of Falun Dafa) damaged photo and Dafa books were laid out beside her. These inhuman policemen yelled, "Just let your Teacher see how you are tortured."

The policemen tortured her for a whole day without getting what they wanted, then they sent her to Changchun City's No. 3 Detention Centre. The detention centre's policeman saw her covered with wounds and refused to take her, but the policemen from City Police Department's No. 1 Section left her there anyway. After several days of torture and no food, her face was severely misshapen, and the areas of her body that were shocked by electric batons were blistered. Her whole body was black and blue. Prisoners shed sympathetic tears when they saw her condition. After over 20 days of detention at the No. 3 Detention Centre, she was sent to Changchun City's Heizuizi Forced Labour Camp.

From September to December, about 30 practitioners were transferred from Changchun City's No. 3 Detention Centre to Changchun City's Heizuizi Forced Labour Camp for illegal forced labour education. Most of them have suffered at the hands of people from the City Police Department's No. 1 Section and were tortured on the tiger bench. Now the cruel policemen are preparing to sentence them.


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