Slovakia: The People of Topolcany Call for an End to the Persecution of Falun Gong

On Saturday 16th April, the peaceful and harmonious Falun Gong meditation music could be heard on the main square in Topolcany, a mid-sized city in western Slovakia. Passers-by could see Falun Gong practitioners practising the sitting meditation and later demonstrating the four standing exercises of the Falun Gong practice.

This activity was organised by a group of Falun Gong practitioners from Bratislava to draw public attention to the campaign of genocide that has been waged against Falun Gong practitioners in China for the last six years.

Many residents of Topolcany signed a petition calling for an end to the persecution of those who practise Falun Gong in China. As a previously communist nation, the people of Slovakia may find it easy to relate with the Chinese people who suffer persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

The chief editor of the local newspaper stayed at the activity for a long time in order to get an insight into Falun Gong from different angles because he had not heard about it before. The Slovakian practitioners were grateful for local people’s heartfelt concern and support in demanding that the human rights abuses against Falun Gong practitioners in China are stopped immediately.

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