A German Student Urgently Appeals to Rescue her Mother who was Kidnapped in Beijing

Through the Falun Gong Information Centre, Liu Fang, a student in Germany, is now urgently appealing for help from all circles to rescue her mother who was kidnapped in Beijing.

On 5th April 2005, the Falun Gong Information Centre received an SOS letter from Liu Fang. She wrote in her letter that her mother, Ms. Liu Yawen was arrested on Thursday 31st March by the local police in Beijing when distributing Falun Gong Video-CDs and her whereabouts is unknown. Afterwards, the street committee Members and the local police came and searched Liu’s home together. Because Ms Liu Yawen lives by herself, Liu Fang could only find out about her mother’s welfare through friends and family, but they have been unsuccessful and couldn’t get through the information blockade. Out of concern for her mother, Liu Fang read articles on the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China on a Falun Gong website. She was astonished after seeing her mother’s name on there and meanwhile became more worried about her mother’s safety. In her letter Liu Fang pleaded for support and assistance from the general public.

Liu Fang explained that her mother Liu Yawen is fifty-six years old. Before retirement she worked as an operator in a machinery exports and imports company in Beijing and she was once appointed an engineer in the factory. Liu Fang remembered that her mother started to cultivate Falun Gong in 2002 and was very happy after learning the practice. Even now when the Chinese Communist Party is brutally persecuting Falun Gong, she still tells her friends and family the truth about Falun Gong as well as her personal experiences. When mentioning her friends and families who believed in the Chinese Communist Party’s lies, mother would always be unable to control herself and burst into tears during the phone call with her daughter. Liu Fang said her mother is very steadfast in her belief in “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance” and also has a benevolent heart to help people, and that was why she risked her safety to distribute Falun Gong VCDs, helping those strangers to find out abouFalun Gong. Nevertheless at the same time Liu Fang is also very worried that her mother, being so steadfast, would suffer a more severe persecution.

Since childhood, Liu Fang and her mother have depended a great deal on each other. Liu Fang is loving towards her mother and talks to her for about two hours every week. Liu Fang’s studies are very intensive right now. At the vital period of doing her Economics Masters Degree Graduation Project, she suddenly found out about the disappearance of her mother. She became anxious and worried and couldn’t continue her project for a whole week. Liu Fang even suggested returning to China herself to help to rescue her mother. However, it is likely that she would also be kidnapped and wouldn’t be able to rescue her mother.

Liu Fang said she originally planned to return to China after her studies. But her mother’s sudden kidnap had made her feel that Beijing, her homeland that she has always missed and yearned for, has turned to such a terrible place. She asked the reporter, hasn’t Jiang Zemin stepped down now? Why is the persecution still so severe then? What tortures would her mother have to suffer? How could she rescue her mother? She heard that her mother might be transferred to a brainwashing class but her mother won’t sign the guarantee to stop practising, so would her mother have to endure inhumane torture like those reported on the internet?

The reporter encouraged Liu Fang to finish her studies, whilst boldly exposing those monsters that persecute her mother. She will also contact German government officials and other human rights organisations in order to rescue her mother with help from government organisations and non-governmental organisations.

Kind people please lend a hand to help rescue Liu Fang’s mother.

Liu Yawen’s family address:
20 Guang’anmen Beijie (North Street)
Postcode: 100053
Telephone at home: 01063041500

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