Horrifying Persecution of Hunger Strikers

In November 2001, practitioners being illegally detained at the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp went on a hunger strike after guards prohibited them from practising Falun Gong exercises and doing the righteous thoughts meditation. On November 19, all practitioners assigned to Team 7 and 12 went on a hunger strike. During that time some practitioners were sent to the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp Hospital. The following are tragic cases of individual practitioners:

Shang Yuqiu:
Falun Dafa practitioner Shang Yuqiu, female, was illegally detained after being arrested and sent to a detention centre and forced labour camp several times. To resist the persecution, she went on hunger strikes numerous times. In the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp, she went on a hunger strike again. On November 20, because she resisted being force-fed and did not cooperate with the persecutors, Dr. Sun (male) grabbed her hair and beat her head against a wall. As a result she became very dizzy and her head was covered with bumps as big as eggs. Another time, two male doctors (Chang Fan and Dr. Sun) forcibly dragged her into the hallway, locking all the doors of all the rooms so that other practitioners would not hear them beating her. They beat her until her entire face, including her nose and mouth, was bleeding. They tried to force-feed her while she was in this condition. At that point she had been on a hunger strike for over 40 days.
Practitioner Shang Yuqiu had been on a hunger strike for over 50 days. She declared to the hospital that if she lost her life or if anything happened to her, that in no way would it be a suicide, it would clearly be an act of brutality on the part of the hospital.

Hao Xiuzhi:
Hao Xiuzhi, female, is 56 years old. Because she went to appeal for Falun Dafa and clarify the truth of the human rights abuses suffered by practitioners, she has been illegally detained for almost one year.
She and other fellow practitioners demanded their unconditional release and decided to go on a hunger strike. After she had not eaten for 9 days, the team guards sent her to the hospital to force-feed her and forcibly inject her with drugs. Her nose and mouth bled every time they force-fed her. Not only the doctors force-fed her, guards and nurses grabbed her by the hair, pinched her face and her body, and beat her until her body was covered with black and blue bruises.

Guo Mingxia:
Police in Shuangcheng City went to Guo Mingxia's home and said that they wanted to talk to her. They illegally sent her to the Shuangcheng Detention Centre. In the Shuangcheng Detention Centre, she went on a hunger strike, and as a result the criminal authorities at the Detention Centre sent her to the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp.
On October 24th, she was sent to the forced labour camp hospital because she had been on a hunger strike. Hospital administrator Song was completely ferocious and violently slapped Guo Mingxia's face twice. A group of male doctors and the administrator dragged her over in order to forcibly give her an injection. On November 7th she firmly refused to cooperate with their plan to torture her by force-feeding. The cruel doctors then pulled out a bunch of her hair. She was force-fed for over 50 days; on about the 40th day she began vomiting blood for over 10 days. But the inhumane doctors continued to grab her hair and force-feed her. Her weight dropped from 70 kg to just over 30 kg. One time her extremely weakened body was shaking all over and a female guard Yu Fangli pointed to her and spat: "Die, die fast. You deserve it!"

Ding Yanhong:
One day, Ding Yanhong's (female) family came to visit her at the forced labour camp. A guard force-fed her in front of her family. Female guard Yu Fangli slandered Falun Dafa in front of her family as well. Seeing her suffering this kind of cruel torture, practitioner Ding's husband cried out in grief.

Since the June 2000 tragedy that occurred at the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp, the evil inflicted by the guards of Team 7 and 12 have weakened some, but the torture of practitioners in the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp Hospital has become more and more savage. To prevent the tragedy of any further deaths of practitioners we appeal to all the people of the world to help stop the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa happening at the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp.


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