Radio Free Asia: The Persecution of a Falun Gong couple after they returned to China shocks German Society

Mr. and Mrs. Jiang Renzheng started to practise Falun Gong in Germany. They then applied for political asylum but were rejected and sent back from Germany to China. They have experienced political persecution within a month of being sent back to China. This news strongly shocked German society.

Tian Yi, the special correspondent of Radio Free Asia in Germany, reported the event on the 1st of April:

It is reported that, although the German society and government recognises the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in recent years and has protected many Falun Gong practitioners with political asylum, most of the time, the cruelty of this persecution is far beyond the imagination of the officials who deal with these cases. Mr. and Mrs. Jiang Renzheng started to practise Falun Gong when they went overseas. The official who dealt with their application for political asylum did not believe that they would be persecuted after being sent back to China. So they sent them back at the beginning of March. However, they were cruelly persecuted soon after they got back to China. The event caused a great shock to German society.

Ms. Wiesberg Tang, who is actively appealing for their rescue, said, “We received an interview from RFA, revealing that the Jiang couple were facing the collapse of both mind and body after they went back to China. The event not only shocked the department and government which deals with political asylum, but has also caused great attention from human rights groups and the German media, because it is a typical case. They will, therefore, continue to trace the development of this event and make all efforts to help the Jiang couple regain freedom by all means possible”.

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