Swedish Practitioners Invited to Share Falun Gong at a High School

We were asked to participate in a [Health-theme day arranged by a school] and inform about Falun Gong. Of course we accepted this opportunity to expose the evil persecution in China and to tell the truth about Falun Gong.

We prepared the room with a photo-exhibition.

The day begun with the video ”Falun Gong – The Real Story”.

We then taught the exercises. The students had no problem learning them and held a positive attitude, the atmosphere was very comfortable.

In total 50-60 persons attended, divided into two groups. When we were finished, a teacher came up to us and asked if we would consider coming to her school and talk to a group doing a report on human rights. She also wanted us to show another group, focusing on health-issues, the set of exercises.

Reported by Swedish practitioners

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