Terror Spread by Cruel, Corrupt Officials in Benxi City

Zhang Zhe, Party Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of Benxi City has led his colleagues and officials from the local "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] to create an atmosphere of terror in Benxi City. In the past two years, several dozen Falun Dafa practitioners in Benxi have been illegally sentenced to jail terms, hundreds were illegally sent to forced labour camps, thousands illegally detained, tens of thousands of practitioners and family members persecuted. Many innocent practitioners and family members had their homes ransacked. They were fined, arrested, tortured, maimed and killed.

Under Zhang Zhe, cruel police officers and corrupt officials in the Prosecutor's Office, the Court and the Justice Department arbitrarily confiscated Dafa practitioners' personal property and pocketed the profits. Some police personnel extorted money from practitioners. If anyone dared to say no, they would use force and profanity to coerce them. They would use torture if necessary. In order to prevent their crimes from being exposed, the evil police sent many practitioners to forced labour camps. Due to Zhang Zhe's effort in following Jiang Zemin's regime's domestic terrorism policy, many practitioners have had no choice but to leave their homes and become homeless to avoid the persecution.

Jiang Mingdong, Deputy Party Secretary of Benxi Steel Company, is one of the masterminds behind illegal brainwashing classes. Since there were many Falun Dafa practitioners in the company, Jiang did not hesitate to deploy massive manpower, resources and money to organize illegal brainwashing classes in the Benxi Forced Labour Camp, in conjunction with Benxi's Department of Justice. In order to force Falun Dafa practitioners to attend these brainwashing classes, the authorities resorted to deception, kidnapping, intimidation, threats and arrest. The practitioners were forced to repent. Once the number of so-called "reformed" practitioners (those who were forced to sign prepared documents to stop practising) reached a certain quota, the company would pay the labour camp with cash. Hundreds of Dafa practitioners in the steel company were sent to the brainwashing classes where they suffered extreme physical and mental tortures.

Many practitioners held a hunger strike to protest the inhumane treatment. Practitioner Li Fan was seriously injured after he refused to cooperate with the evil. Most of the so-called "reformed" practitioners later reversed the mistake they made under force and openly voiced their repentance and returned to Falun Dafa cultivation. Undoubtedly, Jiang Mingdong's "great plan" has failed miserably.

Zhang Yanbin, Party Propaganda Chief of Benxi's Steel Company, and Qin Yong, Director of the brainwashing classes, are two hatchet men working for Jiang Mingdong. They are particularly vigorous in their slandering and torturing Falun Dafa practitioners. Zhang repeatedly vilified Falun Dafa and threatened practitioners. Qin, a cruel and violently abusive individual, personally tortures practitioners.

Chen Zhongwei, Political Commissioner, persecuted many innocent people during the notorious Cultural Revolution (1966 -- 1976). Now he is trying to rapidly advance his career by persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. He led several so-called "reformed" practitioners to make "exposure and condemnation" speeches in various places. He was the mastermind behind quite a few cases in which Falun Dafa practitioners were severely tortured and critically injured.

Jiang Zili, Director of Weiningying's Forced Labour Camp in Benxi City openly demands bribes from practitioners' families to shorten sentences. The price to buy off one year of a sentence is over 10,000Yuan [the average annual income in cities of China is only 6,000 Yuan]. A two-year sentence requires payment of 20,000 to 30,000 Yuan and it takes more than 40,000 Yuan to pay off three years. The price tag is no secret in the labour camp. Everyone knows about it. As soon as the enforcers receive the money, people are released. The money goes to several places: the Justice Department, Director Jiang himself, to an associate director and each person who handled the case along the way also gets a share. On the other hand, Director Jiang doesn't care about Falun Dafa practitioners' well being whatsoever. Over the last two years they have detained many practitioners. Among those, four were seriously injured and many more suffered various forms of physical and mental torture. A number of practitioners suffered nervous breakdowns as a result of extensive torture and harassment.

Because of his so-called "achievement," Jiang received awards and recognition from several Justice Departments.
Deputy Director Wu Gang knows only violence when it comes to persecuting Dafa practitioners. He said publicly, "Falun Gong practitioners deserve no mercy. We must crush them with an iron fist." He organized many shockingly gruesome tortures of practitioners and has been witnessed personally shocking practitioners with an electric baton.

Liu Shaoshi, director of the drug rehabilitation centre in the forced labour camp, was former director of the labour camp medical clinic. He specializes in mental torture. He would deprive practitioners of sleep for several consecutive days and nights. He would intimidate, beat, curse and use horrific mental torture against practitioners. After a long time without sleep, some practitioners become feeble and mentally disoriented. Liu Shaoshi and his associates would then force practitioners to sign "repentance statements" to renounce Falun Gong. No wonder Liu Shaoshi now suffers retribution for his evil deeds. He is very ill, with sickness all over his body. He is losing hair everyday and his face is as pale as a corpse.

Management Section Chief Li Qiang and Deputy Section Chiefs Liang Shichun and Dong Qiang are the favorite henchmen of the camp's Deputy Director Wu Gang. Among the dozens of practitioners who were tortured by Li Qiang, many were injured or became handicapped. Liang Shichun and Dong Qiang violently tortured practitioners in a "stretch torture chamber." They handcuffed and stretched practitioners' hands and feet to the limit for a long time. Practitioner Song Yuegang was subjected to the "stretch torture" for 15 days. Practitioner Wang Jicai's spinal cord was "dislocated" from the torture. He sustained very serious injuries.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre Political Instructor Zhao Guangchun, Deputy Directors Zheng Tao and Zhang Xiaoguang have indulged in mental torture of practitioners. They frequently use violence to deprive practitioners of sleep for consecutive days and nights.

Management Section policemen Wang Yi, Liu Wei, Zhao Dawei and Liu Jiangpeng are responsible for torturing people. They play a major role in torturing practitioners. They take pleasure in harming others. They are completely devoid of human nature.

Source: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/9/17559.html

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