Radio France Internationale: Renowned Canadian Lawyer Appeals to Rescue Chinese Lawyer Guo Guoting

On the 23rd of March, Radio France Internationale broadcast the following report in Mandarin:

“Renowned Canadian lawyer Ansley appeals for Canadian Lawyers Human Rights Outlook Organisation to rescue lawyer Guo Guoting”

Clive Ansley is a Canadian lawyer and also a China expert. He founded a law office in Shanghai in 1998 and used to teach in Fudan University and Shanghai Tongji University.

Lawyer Ansley, with the agreement of lawyer Guo Guoting, made a point that on the one hand China is violating lawyers’ rights, publicly scorning the legal system, while on the other hand it is hoping to obtain the recognition of the Association of Canadian Lawyers and the Canadian Government. He hopes that Canadian lawyers will work together to rescue Guo Guoting.

Just for pleading for Falun Gong practitioners, dissenters and other small communities in China, Guo Guoting’s office computer and practice certificate were confiscated by the Shanghai Judicatory Bureau and are being illegally withheld. Guo Guoting is now hospitalised and is being monitored by the police. According to reports, the Shanghai authorities have already put together an accusation and are ready to arrest lawyer Guo Guoting and condemn him.

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