Germany: Anti-Torture Exhibition Awakens People's Hearts

Today, a large crowd of people gathered in the liveliest part of Hamburg’s busiest shopping street to see Falun Gong practitioners’ re-enactment of the methods of torture used in China in cruel attempts to force them to give up their beliefs. Although these torture displays are only simulations, the barbaric methods of torture shown have been used on Falun Gong practitioners in China for almost six years now. Over 38,000 cases of torture and abuse have been documented by human rights workers.

People watched attentively and the surroundings were unusually quiet. In the background of this scene hung a banner, which contained photos of torture victims and a line reading “SOS! Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners: Deadly Torture in China.” An information stand was set up by German Falun Gong practitioners who hoped that they could bring people's attention to the suppression and brutal persecution happening to their fellow practitioners in China. 1,583 deaths have been documented at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party whilst the real amount of blood on the CCP’s hands is said to be much higher.

A child approached a practitioner and asked, “Why are they doing this?” The practitioner did not want to tell someone so young and innocent that in China people are suffering such brutalities just because they want to be good people and practise some exercises to be healthy and fit.

The leaflets about Falun Gong and exposing the persecution went very quickly. A German social worker Christian respectfully asked to shake hands with the practitioners.

A Chinese person passed to and fro before us, but his eyes were always on our info stand. He moved closer to us and finally he just stopped altogether. He started to carefully read our display boards and stayed for a long time. It was obvious that his heart was touched by what he saw. At last he received our booklets and Video-CD gladly.

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