Two More Dafa Practitioners are Illegally Sentenced to Severe Punishment

On December 28, 2001, officials from the People's Court, Fenman District/Jilin City, sentenced practitioners Pan Zhaorui and Qiao Hui to 12 years in jail and 5 years in jail, respectively. Practitioner Pan Zhaorui, male, 32 years old, graduated from a university and lived at Taishan Street, Fengman District, Jilin City. On December 28 and 31, 2001, he successfully put a loudspeaker at Huanxiling Forced Labour Camp, Jilin City that broadcast the sounds of Falun Dafa [music, and news], inspiring the imprisoned practitioners who have suffered so many abuses. Pan and another practitioner (who was also detained in a forced labour camp) printed more than 30,000 copies of Falun Dafa posters. On April 5, 2001, when they sent 15,000 copies to Changchun City, policemen from Changchun City's Police Department arrested them.

Qiao Hui, female, 29 years old; resident of the Qingyuan Residence Section, Longtan District, Jilin City. She was arrested when she and several other female practitioners named Zhang Fengying, Yu Dongmei, and Wang Yanrong were clarifying the truth and delivering fliers to people. Soon her house was illegally searched and the lawless policemen took away all truth clarifying materials along with a picture of Teacher Li from her home. Pan Zhaorui and Qiao Hui appealed to the court. Zhang Fengying, Yu Dongmei and Wang Yanrong were dealt with in separate cases. Their situation is unknown.

Hotline of the mayor of Jilin City: 011-86-0432-12345
Reporting phone number of the Supervisory Bureau, Fengman's Discipline Inspecting Committee, Jilin Province: 011-86-0432-4661935
Political and Judiciary Committee's hotline of Jinlin City's Government: 011-86-0432-2010451


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