Epoch Times: CCP Withdrawals Exceed 300,000, News Broadcast in China

China's Official News Agency Reports on the Broadcasts

The Epoch Times

Mar 16, 2005

Around 11:30 am on March 16 (Beijing time), The Epoch Times reported that the number of people who withdrew from the CCP exceeded 300,000. At the same time, the Chinese official news agency, Xinhua News, confirmed that the signals of many TV stations were intercepted and the news of the withdrawals were broadcast in China on the intercepted signals.

First Time TV Broadcast On The Withdrawals And The "Nine Commentaries" Seen in China

According to an Epoch Times reader, on the night of March 14, the signals of more than eight provincial TV stations and more than six satellite TV stations were intercepted and replaced with broadcasts about "The Nine Commentaries On The CCP" and the withdrawals from the CCP. The longest broadcast lasted five minutes. TV stations intercepted include Xindongfang, CCTV1, a satellite TV station in Jiangsu, and cable TV stations in Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Anhui, Xinjiang, and Guangxi Provinces.

Official Confirmation On the Interception

China's official news agency, Xinhua News, confirmed that the signals of many TV stations were intercepted, and without producing any evidence, blamed Falun Gong.

A visitor to the Xinhua website posted a message following the news report, "Why claim it was Falun Gong? There was no such propaganda, only the withdrawal from the CCP. What did this have to do with Falun Gong? You should report after you find the real criminal."

There was another message saying, "I can't visit several websites. Who interfered with them?" implying the CCP blockage of sensitive websites.

Number of People Withdrawing From The CCP Continues To Increase Dramatically

In March, the number of people who withdrew from the CCP increased dramatically. By the end of February, the total number of people who withdrew from the CCP was only 77,207. By March 10, the number exceeded 200,000. On March 14, the number was over 250,000 and on March 16, it jumped above 300,000.

Volunteers Provide Services For People Wanting To Withdraw From The CCP

To accommodate the needs of increasing numbers of people wishing to resign from the CCP, volunteers overseas have offered various services, including setting up service centers in areas populated by Chinese people in many countries.

On March 11, Sound Of Hope radio station offered free message recording service and free Internet telephony (Skype) for people wanting to withdraw from the CCP to publicly express their withdrawals.

Source: http://english.epochtimes.com/news/5-3-16/27101.html

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