Practitioner Wan Guifu Dies from Torture in a Labour Camp Hospital

Gansu Province

Practitioner Wan Guifu, male, 58, was a retired engineer at the No.2 Auto Repair Factory in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. He died in the prison hospital of the Forced Labour Camp in Gansu Province on the dawn of December 17, 2001, the third day of his hospitalization.

Wan Guifu was detained by the Qilihe Police Department in Lanzhou Province at the end of April 2001 for spreading the truth of Falun Dafa. He was then sent to the notorious Xiguoyuan Custodial Centre. During his detention, the police forced him to work 20 hours a day with other inmates using their teeth to crack and remove the shells of sunflower seeds. Because of his age, Wan Guifu couldn't fulfil his workload. With silent approval from the guards, the inmates often beat him brutally. Cracking the shells had already made Wan's lips swollen, nails cracked, and fingers bloody. He lived with severe physical discomfort everyday, burdened with injuries and a heavy workload. In addition, he often received beatings. The torture continued non-stop until this formerly healthy man couldn't stand up anymore. The guards and officers in the Xiguoyuan Custodial Centre were afraid that Wan might die in their hands, so they hurriedly sent him to the prison hospital to avoid responsibility. This has been their usual course of action all along, always publicly concluding that it is natural for people to die in hospitals. According to sources, there were at least three practitioners, including Liu Lanxiang (female) and Zhang Fengyun (female), who died in the prison hospital and were handled as "normal deaths" this year. The prison hospital does not give any care or emergency treatment to the dying practitioners. From the doctors' point of view, if someone dies, he dies. It is normal. Wan Guifu's eyes were open and staring long after his death. At present, there are still many practitioners detained at the Xiguoyuan Custodial Centre. They are in the same dangerous situation.

According to sources, the prison hospital in the Forced Labour Camp of Gansu Province has held many practitioners and become a place of persecution. But few of its evil deeds are known to the public. The 5 or 6 practitioners currently held in the hospital are on a hunger strike, and they are being force-fed or given intravenous infusions daily. The doctors are waiting for them to die "a normal death." Below is some brief information about these practitioners.

Wang Youjiang, male, 32, graduate from a military academy, held a rank of major. He was illegally brought to court and is now waiting for sentencing. His "crime" was printing truth-clarifying literature about Falun Dafa. He was seriously injured from torture and lost the ability to work. He has been on a hunger strike for a long time and is on the verge of death.

Wang Yunbo, male, 23, is a student in the Business School of Lanzhou University. He was suspected of being involved in the making and spreading of truth-clarifying literature and arrested. He has been detained for nearly a year now. He has also been on hunger strike many times and is now on the verge of death.

Guan Ziping, male, 26, is a technician at the Vinyl Factory in Lanzhou City. He was sentenced to five years in prison for spreading Falun Gong flyers. He has also been on hunger strikes for many times and is now in critical condition.

Yu Jinfang, male, 58, is a retired worker in the No.2 Mechanical Factory in Gansu Province. He was secretly detained at the Yuzhong County Custodial Centre because he knows how Yuan Jiang, the person in charge of the Gansu Falun Dafa Assistance Centre, was tortured to death by the police. He went on a hunger strike to protest and was transferred to the prison hospital.

Guo Shoujun, male, 36, is a teacher at the Northwest Teacher's University with a doctorate degree. He was suspected of organizing the 1999 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Lanzhou. He has been detained at the Xiguoyuan Custodial Centre for two years. He is seriously injured and extremely weak.

Jing Zhaochun, male, 26, is from Jinta County. He has been detained for 4 months, and he has been on hunger strikes several times. He has been sent to the prison hospital several times as well, and currently he is very weak.

We call upon people with a righteous heart in this world to pay attention to their situation and offer your help.
The address of the prison hospital mentioned above:
Kangtai Hospital
Dashaping, Lanzhou City
Gansu Province
Zip Code: 730000


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