Encouraging Stories

Beijing People Acclaim Western Practitioners' Appeal on Tiananmen Square; "Your Teacher is Marvellous!"

A few days ago, I told a friend about the truth of Falun Gong. He said, "Now who doesn't know what it is? Nobody is stupid." I asked him whether he knew that some Western practitioners went to Tiananmen Square. He said, "Everybody is talking about it." When I asked what they thought of it he said, "We all think that your Teacher is marvellous!"

A Story of One Yuan

Xiao Sun went to a supermarket to buy some groceries. Seeing that she was very generous, the vendor intentionally overcharged her one Yuan. At first, Xiao Sun didn't pay much attention to this. After walking a few steps, she suddenly felt this was not right. Then, she walked back and said to the vendor, "It's not right for you to do so. One Yuan is a small amount, but your mentality of taking advantage of others by unfair means is a deviated notion. If I indulge your behaviour, I would not be responsible to you and this notion itself is deviated. So I am telling you that when doing business, you should do so according to "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance."
People standing nearby all nodded and agreed with Xiao Sun. The vendor also gladly refunded the one Yuan he overcharged.

A Police Officer: "If I was on Duty on Tiananmen Square, I Would Let People Shout as They Like..."

The husband of my colleague "A" is a police officer. I gave "A" some truth-clarifying materials and she believes it very much. She said, "You are the best person in our work unit. I trust you. I also want to read Zhuan Falun. (The main book of Falun Gong)" She went on, "I told my husband not to get involved in persecuting Falun Gong. I told him to stay away from it! My husband said that when he is on duty on Tiananmen Square, he would let people shout as they like and pretend he didn't see it. He wouldn't do 'silly' things."

Ruffian Policemen Meets with "Tough Guy"

A practitioner used to work in Beijing. In order to resist the illegal brainwashing, he is now forced to live in exile. The policemen from Beijing drove to his hometown and had the local police drive another two police cars to search all of the homes of the practitioner's relatives. They created such a big mess that even fowls and dogs were disturbed. The local police even waited for a long time near those houses. Whenever somebody got in or out, they would immediately rush forward to see who it was. One day, a relative of the practitioner who is working in Beijing drove his car into the yard. Shortly after, the police followed him in and searched all over the house. However, this time they met with a "tough guy."
"Who are you? How dare you search my house?"
The policemen were startled and hurriedly they said, "We weren't searching, we were just having a look."
"You are consciously violating the law. Mr. X is only practising Falun Gong. What mistake did he make? I am telling you, he is now in the room, I'll open the door for you, you can go ahead and have a look!"
The policemen didn't dare to move.
"I am working in Beijing. I can report you to Zhongnanhai!" Another relative said, "Let's go to your police station to discuss this matter."
The policemen felt guilty and left in a hurry.


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