From Monitoring Falun Gong Practitioners to Wanting to Learn Falun Gong

The following story happened in Changtu County, Liaoning Province. One evening two years ago, a young man from the village and his dog were hanging around outside my house. I asked him to come inside and said to him, "What are you doing?"

He said, "I have nothing to do, just hanging around." I said, "I know the village arranged for you to watch Falun Gong practitioners." He said, "I am only trying to earn some money. I won't bother you if you practise at home." I said to him, "I know you are also doing this against your will. However, you should know that Dafa practitioners practise Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance. They are all good people. It is a sin if you persecute these good people."

Afterwards, I told him some detailed cases about those who treated Dafa with kindness being rewarded with good fortune and those persecuting Dafa receiving karmic retribution. After he heard this, he asked, "Is it really true?" I said, "How could it be not true? Think about it, you want to earn some more money, so you monitor Dafa practitioners; but your wife was sent to the emergency room on the evening of the Chinese New Year this year, and then was sent to the hospital for treatment. You couldn't have a good New Year, and spent over two thousand yuan to treat her illness. The money you earned by doing this was just enough to cover your wife's sickness. Would you say it is not true?"

After he heard that, it seemed like he understood. He said to me, "In fact, I do know that you practitioners are good people. I only want to earn some money. If I had known the consequences earlier, I wouldn't have done this at all, no matter what."

After that he asked me, "Aunt [a respectful term for addressing an elder], what should I do then?" I told him, "You must remember that Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good, and treat Dafa practitioners with kindness. Protect Dafa practitioners, and you will receive good fortune." He said, "I will remember. From now on, I will no longer monitor Falun Gong."

After that he told me, "I also want to practise Falun Gong, do you think I could practise?" I said, "Our Master is compassionate; anyone can practise. If you really want to learn, I will come to your home to teach you, or you come to my home to learn. It will all be fine." He said, "Great. I will learn with you from now on."

The local officials take advantage of people's shortsighted personal interest to entice them to monitor their fellow villagers and do things against the law and against their will. What's heartening is that this young man has come to realise the truth, and has chosen a bright path for himself.

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