My Sister Practised Falun Dafa and Her Life-threatening Illness Disappeared

In the summer of 1995 my sister was 16 years old. One day that summer she felt a sudden pain in the area of her cervical vertebrae, and her fingers became numb. It was so painful that she could not hold back her tears. In March of 1997, my sister's fingers became numb again. The numbness then spread to her back, and became increasingly serious. She then had a magnetic resonance (MRI) test at the local hospital and discovered the illness. The test result indicated that there was a tumour the size of a grain of sorghum between the fourth and fifth vertebrae. The doctor told my parents that the hospital was not able to treat it, that they must seek treatment at a hospital in Beijing. My parents became very worried.

On April 8th, 1997, the local hospital referred us to Xuanwu Hospital of Capital University of Medical Sciences in Beijing, a nationally recognised hospital that specialised in the treatment of neurological and internal illnesses. My mother and sister went together to this hospital. By that time, my sister had difficulty walking or raising her hands, because the tumour had grown larger.

When they reached the hospital, experts examined my sister. The results were conveyed. The doctor asked my mother why my father had not come with them. My mother said that my father wasn't well, that he had heart disease and cerebral thrombosis. The doctor said my sister's condition was serious and he feared that my mother might not be able to make the decision alone. He advised that my father come to the hospital to discuss my sister's treatment options. Without any other choice, my ill father went to the hospital in Beijing.

The doctor met with my father and told him that hope for my sister's recovery was minimal. The tumour not only pressed against a limb nerve, but also pressed against a nerve of the respiratory system. That was why her breathing was laboured. The doctor indicated that if the respiratory system nerve was harmed she would not be able to get off the operating table. The doctor didn't have any confidence about surgery being successful for her. They had never treated this kind of case. My sister's situation was a tough one.

After more than 20 days in the Xuanwu Hospital, the doctor suggested that we take my sister home, since she did not look ill and was still able to move around. The doctor, however, believed that, because the tumour was growing, my sister would soon become paralysed. The doctor indicated that when this happened, we could bring her to the hospital again. The doctor thought there were several benefits to this approach. First, the patient would not suffer a sudden death, she would have more time to live. Secondly, my parents would not have to suffer the grief of immediately losing a child, as my sister could lie in a bed for a period of time. With a later surgery, even if it were unsuccessful, the family would not suffer as much, and if the surgery would be successful, then we would be very fortunate. Since modern medical technology could not cure my sister's illness, having more money would not have made any difference.

On May 8th, 1997, my parents and my sister came back home and waited helplessly. Just as the doctor had predicted, my sister soon had to stay in bed. My parents, in their 60s, took care of all of her daily needs. My sister could only talk a little and raise her hands. Her breathing became more and more laboured. The situation was very painful for her and for my parents.

My parents would not give up; they kept searching for a cure. They tried the approach of Chinese traditional medicine to treat her illness. My sister also took various drugs. Nothing worked. Her condition became increasingly worse with each day.

One day I received a letter from one of my grandparent's brother. In the letter he recommended Falun Gong and said Falun Gong was the only hope for my sister. The next morning my parents, full of hope, went searching for a place where they teach the Falun Gong exercises. They met Falun Gong practitioners, borrowed a cassette of the Falun Gong exercise music, and located a practice site. My sister started listening to Teacher's recorded lectures. A miracle occurred right away: her laboured breathing became normal again. Very quickly she could manage to change sides of the cassette by herself. On the third day, miraculously, she was able to sit up. The family was amazed. Three days later she could manage to get out of bed and relieve herself. On the 7th day, my father joyfully went to the practice site and learned the exercises. It took him two mornings to learn the exercises. On the 9th day, he began to teach the exercises to my sister. When they were doing the 4th exercise (the Falun Heavenly Circuit) my sister's hands could not extend below her knee. My father told her to try her best, but she still could not do so. The next day, (her second attempt to practise) she was able to reach her hand to the full position. On the 7th day of practising the exercises, my sister expressed that she wanted to go to the practice site. My parents worried about her mobility. My sister said that she would be fine, she could try to walk a little and then stop to rest a bit. She got up at 4:30 a.m. the next morning and walked to the practice site without stop. When she reached her destination my parents were so amazed and happy that they did not know what to do or say. All of these miracles that occurred were unbelievable. However, they did happen. My sister was so touched she could not hold back her tears. She survived because of Falun Dafa, which gave her a second chance at life. Falun Dafa brought renewed happiness to my family. My whole family did not know how to express our gratitude to Teacher. My father bought Dafa books and Teacher's recorded lecture, and started to joyfully practise Falun Gong with my sister. Later, my mother and I began practising as well, and we were bathed in Buddha's infinite grace.

In the past my father's heart wasn't well. He often took heart medicines. In 1992, he got cerebral thrombosis. At one point he had to stay in a hospital for a few months. His condition was not good. After practising Falun Gong my father no longer needed to take drugs, as the cerebral thrombosis disappeared. In addition to the miracle that occurred with my sister, the whole family was indescribably happy. Every time we mentioned Teacher's compassion, we were moved and tears poured down. It is hard to describe the feelings we held.

Today my sister has resumed working at her previous company. She's married and has a child. Her family lives a happy and fulfilling life. Many people in our circle of friends know about the miracle. One of my friends once hosted a wedding party for a couple. At the party he heard someone slander Dafa and my friend spoke up to clarify the truth to that person. He said, "My friend's sister was once paralysed and after she learned Dafa she was able to stand up, I saw it with my own eyes. What you see on TV is fabrication." In 2003, he hosted my sister's wedding. At the wedding, my father said the following, "To my daughter's new life. Who I should thank for it you all know...." That was right, the people who went to the wedding all knew about it. It was Teacher, Li Hongzhi who saved my sister. It was Falun Dafa that gave my sister another life. Because of this family and friends had the opportunity to come together and celebrate the wedding.

I write our story to share our experiences, and to tell people, "Falun Dafa is Good, Falun Dafa is a righteous way." We want to share the goodness of Falun Dafa with all compassionate people in this world. Falun Dafa has brought so much happiness to my family. We also wish that those who have been misled by Jiang and his followers' lies will see through the fabrications and wake up quickly. Only then, like us, will you be given the same great heavenly fortune from Dafa.

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