Examples of Fabricated News in China

The Jiepai Pottery Factory in Hunan Province was previously a Province-owned enterprise. Like most state-owned enterprises, it went bankrupt and closed, which caused Jiepai Town to lose its primary economic support. In the 1990s, Hunan Province planned to select the 100 most advanced towns based on strong industrial and agricultural indices. When investigators came to Jiepai Town, the town's leadership bought tons of rice weed from nearby villages and ordered workers to burn them in each chimney. Seeing the heavy smoke, journalists from the investigation team thought that the industry index of Jiepai Town was among the highest in the province, and they selected Jiepai Town as one of the 100 most advanced towns. Leaders in Jiepai Town were pleased.

On the 16th of February in 2000, the first meeting of the year was held at the factory, and one vice chairman from a certain governmental department led a group of people with cameras to my workplace. The president of my school asked me to make a speech regarding Falun Gong. I said there was nothing I could say, except that I follow the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." He told me that a speech was written and I simply had to read it. I refused again.

As I rejected his requests, the cameras turned towards me. As I talked, they kept on shooting, but they wanted to change the content of what I said.

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