Stories From Russia

Practitioners from Taiwan, the USA, Europe, Australia, etc. have come to Russia and Ukraine and joined us in holding Fa-study workshops and photo exhibitions in many cities. They brought to us Russian practitioners their local experiences in Fa-study, Fa-promotion, and cultivation.

Bringing Benevolence to the Human World

Practitioners from Taiwan have already come to Russia twice. As soon as they arrived at their lodgings, they set aside their luggage and went out on the streets to demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises and inform people of the Fa [principles of Falun Dafa]. They left behind with the local people here the beautiful exercises and goodwill for a wonderful future. They handed out fine exquisite bookmarks that they had made themselves to everyone they met, wishing them a wonderful future. In group discussions, they were always very patient in sharing their experiences and understandings in cultivation, and encouraged us, as well each other, to improve together in cultivation. They touched everyone with their powerful compassion. They considered all the troubles and problems that they had encountered as part of their cultivation opportunities to improve themselves. Some practitioners said that only after they came to Russia did they start to understand what cultivation was. They thought the cultivation environment here was surpassed only by that of Mainland China.

The Wisdom of Swedish Practitioners

Swedish practitioners have also come to Russia many times. Whenever they learned of a big Falun Dafa event here, they would come and offer support, considering it as their own business. During the Experience Sharing Conference, they helped out with tea and other drinks. When we encountered troublemakers, they offered good suggestions and solutions. After they learned that practitioners from Taiwan encountered problems when handing out flyers in a marketplace, they thought that they should suffocate the evil. They moved to a lodging close to the marketplace, and then carried big bags of truth clarifying materials to quietly hand out to every business there.

Experience and Strong Work Ethic of American Practitioners

American practitioners mainly helped us in doing the mobile photo exhibition. The two American practitioners brought us two sets of large format photos. Before making the display boards, practitioners did a thorough cleaning. We all washed our hands to prevent even little smudges from marring the precious photos. The cutting and packaging were all very exquisite. The American practitioners, with a lot of experience and a strong work ethic, helped set up the exhibition and offer explanations to audiences in each city they visited. They prepared speeches for news conferences, did demonstration exercises, answered questions from the media, and helped establish a group study environment, etc.


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