Mainland China: Clarifying the Truth with a Pure Heart

A female practitioner was distributing truth-clarifying materials on a bus. There were around twenty passengers and each of them got a copy. When the practitioner gave the materials to a family of three, the woman received them with both of her hands (a gesture of respect in China). She said, "Sister, thank you. We also believe that Falun Gong is good. My husband works for the police." A man beside her also used both his hands to receive the materials, saying, "You have to be very careful." Then he pointed to his clothes and continued, "We wear plain-clothes." The practitioner was touched and happy for them when she heard this.

The same practitioner distributes flyers at a Farmer's Market. She is full of pure thoughts and does what she thinks she should as a practitioner. On an average day, she can distribute approximately 200 flyers. She has no fearful feelings when she does that.


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