Two Illegally Detained Practitioners Go on Hunger Strike


Liu Jiyin and Liu Xiaojie, two practitioners from Beijing who are sisters, are being illegally detained in Miyun detention centre. To protest their detention, they went on a hunger strike. Liu Xiaojie has been on hunger strike for 14 days and is in bad shape. The policemen started to force feed her on the seventh day, once each day. Liu Xiaojie was very firm. Two policemen would drag her out, add a large amount of salt into the food, insert a tube into her stomach, and force feed her bean powder. Every time after she returned from the force feeding, she vomited everything. She has a fever and pains all over her body. Suffering a great deal, she moans throughout the night. A fellow practitioner could not bear to see her pain and called the policemen to come take a look. The police came in and cruelly beat this practitioner, threatening to torture her by handcuffing her spread-eagled onto a wooden board and leaving her there. Due to the firm resistance of other fellow practitioners, the police did not dare to continue persecuting Liu Xiaojie. But police have not given any indication that they will release the two sisters.

We urgently appeal to kindhearted people all over the world, international peace organizations, and human rights organizations for assistance. Liu Xiaojie and Liu Jiyin are suffering inhuman tortures for the sake of all of our futures.


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