Korea: Anti-Torture Exhibition at the Seoul Train Station Seen by Thousands of Travellers

The Seoul Train Station is like the gateway to Seoul. It has a daily flow of 400,000 people and gets particularly busy on Saturday afternoons, when many citizens leave Seoul for other cities in Korea. In order to let more people know the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, to strengthen people's conscience and sense of justice, and to help them choose a brighter future, Seoul practitioners have been conducting large-scale anti-torture exhibitions in busy areas of Seoul on weekends since October 2004. We have received great results. This time, however, was the first time we conducted an exhibition at the Seoul Train Station.

We started our activities at noon. While some practitioners started preparing for the exhibition, others held up photos and posters displaying the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa and the brutality of the persecution in China. People gathered all around us. They looked at the photos attentively and actively took our flyers.

Some practitioners would perform the exercises intermittently. In the past, many people learned the truth of the persecution, yet some only saw the surface and had some misunderstandings. Some of the misunderstandings include:

  • Some thought this is happening in Korea, especially those who don't read Korean.
  • Some thought that if you practise Falun Gong, people would persecute you, or thought that Falun Gong is a terrible thing.
  • Some thought that the anti-torture exhibit was a political rally and misunderstood Falun Gong.

Hence, while the practitioners clarified the truth of the persecution we wanted to let people know the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa and what it is. The exercises and the explanations from practitioners informed people of what's going on. We also prepared a lot of English, Chinese and Japanese materials for non-Koreans.

After the exercises, we started the anti-torture exhibition. Practitioners holding flags with the Falun symbol stood around a circular stage. On a corner of the stage the performance started with vicious police arresting practitioners. We used role-playing. People quickly gathered around the stage. The brutal violation of human rights by the Chinese police angered the people. The announcer explained all the tortures with a microphone, and talked about the history of Falun Gong and how Jiang's regime started the persecution. Some people bought sodas for the announcer and the practitioners who participated in the exhibition, and encouraged us to continue.

That day, many people learned the truth of the persecution. Many people travelling to other cities became our "mobile media," which would let even more people know the truth.

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