Korea: Introducing Falun Dafa and Exposing the Persecution on Wolmi Island in Incheon

On October 31st, 2004 a cultural celebration was held on Wolmi Island in Incheon, Korea. Many people come to tour the island every year as Wolmi island is near the west coast of Korea and has beautiful scenery. Practitioners held activities on the island to introduce Falun Dafa and expose the persecution taking place in China.

People are shocked at the torture exposed on the poster boards

At 9am, practitioners went to Wolmi Island and held an anti-torture poster exhibition. Passers-by were shocked at seeing the torture exposed on the poster boards. More and more people came to view the posters and crowds formed in front of them. The people were surprised to learn about the brutal persecution taking place in China. A lady signed the appeal letter to rescue Gao Chengnu and brought a group of people with her to have practitioners explain the facts to them. She said that the persecution should be stopped.

Practitioners explain the truth
Reading information literature

A student walked back and forth several times in front of the poster boards and asked, "Why were they tortured? Are there children practicing Falun Gong? Are all children who practice tortured?" After listening to explanations, he signed the petition letter. Two university students listened for a while to a practitioner's explanations and said, "Thank you!"

Because Wolmi Island is a very interesting tourist site, many tourists visit. Some Chinese practitioners in Korea took charge of clarifying the truth to Chinese tourists.

Some looked at the poster boards and still thought that there might be some reasons why Jiang's faction persecuted Falun Gong. Practitioners asked them to listen to their explanation of the truth carefully and not to miss the opportunity to learn the truth.

When it got dark, practitioners started to pack up to leave. A young man came and opened the posters to take a look and asked questions. A practitioner put down his work and talked to him.

On the second day, a lady who received information materials on the island called a practitioner. She said, "The torture is so cruel, how come? How can I help you?" She asked her questions in an urgent tone, as if she would come to the island after hanging up. People that know the truth will offer righteous assistance.

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