Falun Gong Activities in Luxembourg

By a Practitioner from Taiwan

On 17th October 2001, a group of more than one hundred and twenty Falun Dafa practitioners from Taiwan arrived in Luxembourg, Europe to participate in Falun Gong activities. Dafa practitioners from nearby countries also went there specially; Everyone worked together. The kind-hearted people of Luxembourg that we met us were already inspired with the righteous thought of “Falun Dafa” and “Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance”. Even the local police were moved by the practitioners’ conduct and behaviour. Out of their own initiative, they participated in our activity, providing explanations on the truth clarifying materials to passers-by.

That morning and afternoon, we went to two different public squares to practise the exercise movements and clarify the truth. We walked along the way, lined up in an orderly procession of one or two rows. Everywhere we passed, people looked at us with admiration and respect no matter who they were, merchants, residents or tourists. Falun Dafa practitioners did the righteous thoughts meditation from their hearts as they moved along. Here these kind hearted people by nature joyfully accepted the brief introduction flyers on Dafa. Almost everybody had one in hand, reading it seriously and obtaining an understanding of the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese authorities. The bloody crackdown on Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin’s criminal organization has shocked the world!
In the afternoon many people gathered around the public square with great interest to observe the practitioners doing the exercises. Amongst them, there was a family who’ full of zest, wanted to learn the five sets of exercise on the spot. The responsibility of teaching them the exercises fell on me. I began with the first set of exercises- “Buddha showing a thousand hands ”(Fo Zhan Qian Shou Fa). From beginning to the end, they learnt the movements with innocent, angelic smiling faces, as if a natural revelation of their inborn disposition. I too was touched and left a deep impression. Even though my English was not very proficient, they somehow understood and their movements were accurate and orderly. They attracted the attention of many passers-by who stopped to look. Later on, a gentleman dressed neatly in a western style suit came over to ask them to get ready and get into the car. They then left reluctantly. Before they left, we told them that they can get more information as well as contact other practitioners from the Falun Dafa website. In that way, they can still continue to study the Fa and practice the exercises when they go back. They nodded their heads repeatedly, their bright smiles an expression of their gratitude.

This was a beautiful interlude that took place during this trip in Europe. I wrote this article to share it with everyone.

Translated on 12, Dec.2001 from http://www.yuanmingeurope.net/articles/3349.html

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