Germany: "The Journey Back to One’s Origin", This Is Just What We All Need!

By a practitioner in Germany

By “chance”, I got to know that two nights later, a well-known symphony orchestra from China would perform in the nearby city of Boeblingen. What's more, at that time, at least two to three hundred Chinese nationals as well as many Germans would attend the performance. Immediately I realized that this was a rare opportunity to clarify the truth.

Hence, I immediately called up fellow practitioners in Germany to discuss how we could do this thing well. Unfortunately, they had other commitments on that day and were unable to come. Even until the day before the performance, only a fellow Chinese practitioner living in Boeblingen and I could go. The two of us would be faced with many Chinese. Similar to previous experiences, we did not know what to expect and did not have a clue as to what would happen this time.

The concert starts at eight at night. I changed two trains, braved the cold winds and slight drizzle to arrive an hour and a half before the concert started. By the time I arrived, a German practitioner was already standing in front of the entrance and handing out flyers.

Even more unexpectedly, another Taiwanese girl whom we could not contact initially also turned up. She only started practising [Falun Dafa] three months ago. Yet she had already participated in several Falun Gong activities to clarify the truth. The five of us stood at the two entrances, distributing truth-clarifying flyers to the visitors who arrived one after another.

Perhaps it was because such performances were very rare overseas, many Chinese came in groups. All of them were dressed up, talking and laughing as if celebrating a festival. Amongst us, the Taiwanese girl was the liveliest and most cheerful. She gave out the materials [on the truth about Dafa] in a happy, calm and vivid manner. There was none of the reserve and shyness etc., all the human notions that we normally have. She greeted the visitors warmly, asked whether they had seen the booklet “The Journey back to one’s origin”. If they have not, she requested them to take one home to read. Next she would ask, "Do you have a PC at home? Yes? That’s great, I have a VCD prepared by a fellow practitioner. Take one home and have a look." She treated everybody so cheerfully, whether or not she knew them, as if all of them were her friends. Faced with such a warm and lovely girl, who could reject her precious gift?

I myself could not help being affected by her smile. My initially serious expression started to become more relaxed. One moment, speaking in a Taiwanese accent, she asked, "Have I seen you before? Oh, did you attend so and so’s wedding? I still have your phone number." The next moment, she asked again, "Have you been in Germany for a long time? Are you more fluent in Mandarin or German? You are more fluent in Mandarin. Then take this book!" When I had a spare moment, I translated her conversation with the Chinese to the German practitioners beside me and all of us were amused. She said, "If we smile at others, they would smile back at us." This made me think about an incident that happened a while ago when three Chinese fellow compatriots refused to accept the truth-clarifying materials. Even though I spoke solemnly and in a righteous manner, there seemed to be a barrier between us. I only realized that I was a little emotional when the Taiwanese girl came over and said that I was too affected. She reminded me that such things need to have a predestined relationship. I promptly smiled and apologized to them. All at once, the atmosphere relaxed. The other party also agreed it was a matter of predestined relationship. I ended the conversation wishing them best of luck sincerely.

Amidst such a relaxed atmosphere, we gave out the materials [on the truth about Dafa] smoothly. I saw a Chinese pointing at the title of the booklet, saying to his companion, " “The Journey back to one’s origin”, this is just what we all need.” On hearing that, I was really happy for them.

Just as what a fellow practitioner said to me beforehand, those Germans who had come to listen to the Chinese symphony orchestra must either have an interest in China or their spouse is Chinese. Hence, all of them happily accepted the newspapers [clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa]. We met a young German who said he had bought the book “China Falun Gong” a few years ago. Another German who is over 50 years old pointed to the three Chinese characters “Zhen Shan Ren” [Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance] on the German newspaper and asked me, "Is that “Falun Gong” in Chinese?" I answered him in German that is “Zhen Shan Ren”. Instead he told me in Mandarin he had lived in China for a year and asked me to show him how “Falun Gong” was written in Chinese. I found these three words from the article on the first page of the booklet and showed it to him. He asked whether I could give him this booklet as well. I gladly gave it to him.

The next day, the practitioner from Boeblingen called to say that the practitioner from Heidelberg subsequently saw many Chinese holding the booklets we distributed that night on the train back home.

I hope everyone with a predestined relationship will finally obtain the righteous path and step onto the journey back to one’s origin!

(Translated on December 12, 2001 from )

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