China: The Truth of Dafa Shakes the Whole Market

The second day of the month is a busy day at the market, and at the beginning of October 2001, several practitioners decided to seize the good opportunity to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to people. So we went to work as soon as night fell. The town was in the centre, and on the outskirts there were four villages and a trail leading to another two villages. We distributed Dafa fliers door to door at the outlying villages, and then we put up colorful Dafa posters and banners on walls, telephone poles and trees. After completing the work in the villages, we joined together to work in the town and the market centre, posting Dafa posters and literature all over the town. We kept busy for the whole night and distributed thousands of fliers and hung up hundreds of banners.

The next day, upon opening, the whole market was shaken. The people who arrived early read the materials and then told others, and soon the news spread inside and outside the town. Many people who did not originally intend to come to shop came one by one to look. For several days afterwards, Falun Dafa was the focus of conversations around town.

This action awoke many kindhearted people from delusion. At the same time, we really felt the urgency of clarifying the truth to the Chinese people.


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