Spain: Practitioners from Different Countries Work Together to Make the Nine Day Video Lectures in Madrid a Success

Practitioners came from different countries to help with this activity in Madrid, Spain.

The lectures were held in pleasant rooms in an alternative centre in Old Madrid. Plenty of Falun Gong materials were left at the centre as many people who attended courses there were interested in Falun Gong and the Nine Day Video Lectures. The Nine Day Video Lectures show Teacher Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, explaining many principles and relevant knowledge which underpin the practice of Falun Gong.

The majority of people attending the lectures were local from Madrid; one practitioner had travelled from the Canary Islands [islands off the mainland of Spain] to attend. It was very interesting, another man who attended the lectures came from the same island but they didn’t know each other and met at the lectures. He worked in Madrid and was going home to the Canary Islands for Christmas. They agreed to meet to practise the exercises together.

On the first day of the video lecture everyone seemed pleased, happy and a little excited about learning the Fa [principles of Falun Gong]. After the video there were some questions and then the exercises were taught. The new people and the practitioners attended every night and the majority finished the nine days. Many who attended had some kind of cleansing. For some of the practitioners it was a physical cleansing while others and tribulations both mental and physical. One lady fell and hurt and scarred her face and also a stranger very badly verbally abused her for no reason. Others felt energy in their bodies and heads.

Technically it was a little tricky because there were no videos in Spanish. A practitioner who spoke Spanish had recorded each lecture on to audiotape which was played along with the video in Chinese. It worked well. Other practitioners who didn’t speak Chinese or Spanish listened to the nine-day lectures played on personal C D players.

A daily exercise site was established in a square in the centre of Madrid. Many practitioners and the people from the lectures attended as it was a holiday and they didn’t have to go to work. It was very cold practising the exercises in the mornings below zero and freezing.

We also handed out leaflets and practised the exercises on the pavement in a busy street. A man in a taxi, who was waiting for the traffic lights to change, opened the car door and came out to take a leaflet. Also four people from Colombia took leaflets and were very interested asked many questions and came to the practice the next day to learn the exercises.

All the practitioners both new and veteran formed close friendships with each other and created a very good, harmonious and pleasant atmosphere for learning the Fa together. The new practitioners each received the book Falun Gong, book marks and tapes and CDs of the exercise music. The course was very successful and it was sad to say good-bye.

Reported by European Practitioners
16 December 2001

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