The Office of French Prime Minister Recognizes the Current Situation of Falun Gong Practitioner Zhao Ming

Not long ago, Falun Gong practitioner Chi Jian and his family, who live in Grenoble, France, wrote a letter to the French Prime Minister to express their appreciation for the friendly and efficient intervention of the French government while they were detained in China. As a result of this intervention, the family avoided being persecuted in the same way as Zhao Ming. Mr. Chi also stated that Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness--Compassion--Forbearance have benefited millions of practitioners, and he called on the French government to take all possible means to help Zhao Ming and other practitioners who are persecuted in mainland China.

Below is a return letter from the office of the French Prime Minister.


Office of the Prime Minister

Paris, the 4th of December


The Prime Minister indeed received your letter concerning the situation of Mr. Zhao Ming, who is incarcerated in China.

Taking into account your worries, I transmitted your correspondence to Mr. Hubert Vedrine, Foreign Affairs Minister, in order to get an appropriate examination.

You will be kept directly informed with follow-ups related to your request.

With distinguished consideration, Sir, I wish you all the best.

Chief of the Intervention Service


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